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About Us

We are a leading provider of community health services in the north west of England.

We provide high quality community and specialist services to people living in:

A map of the areas we provide NHS Health Services to

Bridgewater map of services

Services closer to home

The majority of our services are delivered in patients’ homes or at locations close to where they live. Such as:

  • clinics
  • health centres
  • GP practices
  • community centres
  • and schools.

As a provider of both mainstream and specialist care, our role is to focus on providing cost effective NHS care.

We do this by keeping people out of hospital and supporting vulnerable people throughout their lives.

As a dedicated provider of community services, our strategy is to bring more care closer to home.

This means providing a wider range of services in community settings and to keep people healthier for longer by developing more specialist services to support people to live independently at home.

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Foundation Trust

We achieved Foundation Trust status in 2014 and are always looking to transform the provision of healthcare for our communities.

We will involve patients and local people in our decisions about the services we provide and where they are delivered.

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To improve local health and promote wellbeing in the communities we serve.

We will do this by working closely with local people and partners to promote good health and to be a leading provider of excellent community healthcare services in the North West.


Bridgewater Values

Find out about our Strategic Objectives.

Anti-Racism Statement and Commitment

Bridgewater is committed to improving race equality for our staff and our communities, and to being actively anti-racist.

We are committed to improving awareness and understanding, from an individual to a Trust level, of the ways in which many of us have benefitted from privilege and systemic racial discrimination throughout our lives.

We will as a Trust demonstrate honesty and transparency; we will admit where we have gaps in knowledge, understanding, data, representation; we will be open and honest about where we believe we can do better; and we will actively facilitate and listen to the voices of our diverse workforce and communities, recognising that Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are not a collective whole any more than ‘White British’ is a group with identical views, needs, aspirations and inequalities.

We will work in true partnership with our staff networks and with our wider communities to develop and deliver real and sustainable plans that address racism, discrimination, and inequality.