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We are Bridgewater People

Our PEOPLE values shape how we deliver NHS services in our local communities

Bridgewater People Values

Our refreshed Quality and Place strategy sets out Bridgewater’s plans for 2021-2023.

It explains what we need to do and how we need to adapt to the challenges facing the health service and our local communities.

The strategy sets out our mission – to improve local health and promote wellbeing in the communities that we serve – and the things we need to do to achieve that. But a strategy is just words and the key to success is how we work to deliver that.

That’s where our values come in.

The values of our organisation have the ability to transform our Quality and Place strategy into reality.

They guide how we work and underpin our culture and character – giving us a guide to what is expected of us and our behaviours.

Our PEOPLE values

We have a clear set of six values – which we know as our People values.

They are:

  • Person centred
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Open and honest
  • Professional
  • Locally led
  • and Efficient

The first letters of each value spelling out people.

After all, values are all about people and they were created in partnership with staff to reflect what they felt was important to them.

Our ‘Just & Learning Culture’ Journey

Our Bridgewater PEOPLE values have never been so important to us as we strive to improve our people practices.

A just and learning culture is one that is focused on fairness and learning.

Find out more on our ‘Just & Learning’ culture page.