Our research

Research is at the heart of the high-quality care we provide. Research is all about finding new knowledge that could lead to changes to treatments, policies or care.

We aim to offer as many of our patients the chance of taking part in research as we can.

The people who carry out research here at Bridgewater are a range of clinical and non-clinical staff including doctors, dentists, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, corporate support colleagues, and researchers working in a university or other health or social care organisation.

All proposed research goes through rigorous checks before taking place and must comply with relevant regulations.

We work closely with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) via the Greater Manchester Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) delivering portfolio studies.

Bridgewater is also an active member of CHART (@CommunityHART) a national alliance of out of hospital healthcare providers.

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Meet the team

Ted Adams
Dr Ted Adams
Medical Director

Rachel Hall
Dr Rachel Hall
Head of Research

Support for research

The research department provides comprehensive advice and support services covering all aspects of the research cycle to help researchers with their work to improve health and health care.

We can:

  • Support with research planning, design and analysis.
  • Advise on how to involve patients and the public in your research.
  • Assist with the study approval process (ethics) to ensure quick and efficient study set up.
  • Advise on funding opportunities.
  • Provide support with study management and conduct to ensure the highest possible standards.
  • Offer advice and help on commercial development.
  • Provide a wide range of training and guidance to ensure research teams have the tools and techniques they need to conduct high-quality research.
  • Promote research and its benefits internally and externally.
  • Assist with study close-out, reporting and dissemination.

Contact Head of Research Rachel Hall to discuss your research support needs at

Research for the Future logoGetting involved

Research is good for all of us – patients, public, clinicians, and NHS organisations – and is an everyday part of life in the NHS.

Studies have shown that research-active hospitals and other NHS organisations have better outcomes for all patients and service users (not just those who take part in a particular study) and here at Bridgewater we are committed to improving healthcare for all.

Bridgewater supports Research for the Future, an NHS supported campaign helping people find out about and take part in health and care research across north west England.

If you are a Bridgwater patient, you can sign up to this campaign by visiting researchforthefuture and start your research journey today.