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Sensory – Living with Sensory Difficulties

Everybody experiences the world around them in different ways.

Our senses provide us with the information we need to carry out day-to-day tasks and activities. This sensory information gives us an understanding of who we are, where we are and what is going on around us.

Sometimes how your brain understands information from your senses can make it difficult to join in with everyday activities at home or in the community.

These resources will help you understand sensory processing difficulties and how you can support your child or young person.

You can choose the resources that are right for you and your child:


Bridgewater Children’s services:

Royal College of Occupational Therapists
The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) are committed to promoting the unique value and benefits of occupational therapy to the public, service commissioners and political representatives.

Well Child
WellChild is the national UK children’s charity making it possible for children and young people with exceptional health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever possible.

Scope offers a range of services for disabled children and young people.

Contact website has advice and information about any concern a family might have about raising a child with additional needs. Links to a variety of charities that offer support and advice that are specific to conditions.

National Autistic Society
National Autistic Society is a leading UK charity for people with autism and their families. The website provides information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for people with autism.

Bobath Centre
The Bobath Centre specialises in working with children with cerebral palsy.

Cerebra is the national charity helping children with brain conditions and their families discover a better life together.

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