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Bridgewater Governor profiles

Halton governors

Diane McCormick – Public Governor for Halton

Diane McCormick

My name is Diane McCormick and I have been a Halton Public Governor for seven years having been elected twice during this period.

After leaving Wade Deacon Grammar School in Widnes I trained as a Radiographer at Whiston Hospital and Liverpool University school of Radiography.

After the birth of my son the hospital hours and on call rota were too long so I left Whiston to work for ICI Occupational Health. After more training I became SHE Systems manager responsible for quality and safety for NW and NE ICI Occupational Health departments.

After my early retirement I started voluntary work within the NHS and became a Halton Public Governor for Bridgewater.

During the last 6 years I have enjoyed being the governor representative on the Quality and Safety committee and the Service experience group.

I have also been a governor representative on the nominations committee and been part of the process in the selection of new NEDs and their annual appraisals. I have also been involved in the development of our borough based Stratergy which included meetings with the public to get their views

Outside Bridgewater I am Chair of the Patient Participation Group for the GP practices in Halton and I am a member of Halton Healthwatch Advisory Board.

As a user of the NHS locally I feel it is so important that the public are involved in the engagement process and have a voice in service provision.

My family have lived in Halton all our lives and we all use and value our local NHS services!

Peter Hollett – Public Governor for Halton

Peter Hollett

I have considerable local knowledge of the Halton area.

I have a postgraduate qualification in humanities.

A former housing manager and served as secretary of the public sector services union – UNISON. I have some experience of working with mental health service uses and am keen to improve co ordination between health and social care.

There are two vacancies for public governors in Halton.

Warrington governors

Paul Mendeika – Public Governor for Warrington

Paul Mendieka

I have a deep passion and interest in the NHS services and particularly those in my local area Warrington.

My particular interests include mental health services, services for older people and children. Since taking early retirement I have the time to dedicate to this important role.

I have, for the last 4 years been involved in the Foundation Trust as a patient representative on the Bridgewater Service Experience group, (which has now developed into a wider Community Engagement group) looking at service developments and improvements, considering things from a patient perspective including community engagement / feedback.

I have been a Public Governor for Warrington for just over 5 years and in the past I  have actively been involved with Healthwatch Warrington as a volunteer and Board Member. My main passion and interest which I pursue at any opportunity is ensuring that the public’s / patient’s views are listened to and the public are properly engaged in their own care and treatment.Over the last year I have been Chair of Warrington People’s Panel which seeks to ensure that local people’s views are listened to when planning, developing or changing health services. For the last 3 years I have been Bridgewater’s representative on the Warrington Health Forum ( commissioning led forum )

I have over 15 years experience of representing public views on Community Health Councils, Council for Voluntary Services, NHS Service Improvement Groups, Focus Groups and representative committees on local health issues I have lived in Warrington for over 20 years and understand and have knowledge on both the health services provided and public views on the demand and supply of services Over the last 20 years I have undertaken a series of strategic development, service planning, performance management and customer service roles in Local Government.

Myself and my family has essential first hand experience of using local NHS Ned community services I am totally committed to ensuring that the public’s views are heard and taken into consideration when shaping and developing both existing and future NHS services.

Matthew Machin – Public Governor for Warrington

Matthew Machin

I live in Warrington with my wife and our teenage daughter. Our daughter has complex special needs and we therefore make use of a range of different services from a number of NHS trusts.

Through Bridgewater she receives a number of services ranging from wheelchair services to speech and language therapy.

I work at the University of Manchester and lead a multidisciplinary team developing smartphone apps for people with long-term health conditions.

In this role I collaborate closely with a range of different healthcare professionals as well as with different NHS trusts and other partners.

When developing apps we work closely with patient representatives to ensure that what we produce is suitable for the target patient group. What motivates me most about my job is the potential to improve healthcare for others.

I applied to become a governor so that I can give something back to the NHS, which has provided great service to us over many years. I think it’s particularly important that patients are given the opportunity to actively shape the care that they receive.

I’m keen to ensure that the voice of patients and other members of the public are heard when setting future directions for the Trust.

John Hyland – Public Governor for Warrington

John Hyland

Hi my name is John Hyland, and I have been a Public Governor for the Warrington area for 2 1/2 years, my term as Governor is due for re-election in July 2021.

I have found my experience as Governor interesting, especially in recent times as I have witnessed the organisation feel the pain and turmoil of competently negotiating the winding pathway through this Corona Virus Pandemic in its determination to see that the needs of its Service Users are met.

My past working experience is as follows:

The larger part of my working life has been at ICI in engineering were I gained experience in Planning, Supervision and Apprentice training.

At the age of 50 I worked for Halton College as a learning consultant delivering NVQs across the country.

I then moved to the NHS at the Brooker Center as an Occupational Therapy assistant and on to service User Activities Coordinator on a ladies ward, from here I moved to Hollins Park as the Service User Art Coordinator for what was then the 5 Borough Partnership.

My voluntary work experience (15yrs) has been in the Mental Health field working with art groups, in the community, Post Natal Depression and with young people with Autism.

Rest of England governors

Rita Chapman – Lead Governor & Rest of England Public Governor

Rita Chapman

Why did you want to become a Governor?

I have had a long career in the NHS, both clinical (as a Physiotherapist) and managerial and I felt I could contribute to the development of the Trust as a member of the Council of Governors.

What experience and skills do you feel that you bring to the role of Governor?

I have had extensive experience working in the NHS, both in the acute and community sectors, and with a range of public and private sector partners. Towards the end of my career, I was able to work in developing community premises ensuring that clinical staff were involved in the design of their facilities.

I understand the pressures NHS organisations have to deal with. I feel that I am inclusive and enjoy working in a team.

I try to be constructive and I want to contribute to the development of the organisation as a whole.

I also have experience at Board level so feel that I can fulfil one of a Governor’s key roles which is to hold the Non-Executive Directors to account.

What is the most important thing for you as a Governor?

To represent the members of the Trust that I represent and understand how to bring their perspective on services into the Trust.

I also feel strongly that Governors should be supportive to staff in a listening and learning culture and be a ‘critical’ friend to the organisation.

Derek Maylor – Public Governor for Rest of England

Derek Maylor

Why did you want to become a Governor?

Several years ago I wanted to put something back into the NHS and became Governor, formerly for St Helens and now covering the Rest of England, but obviously I take an interest overall wherever Bridgewater touches the community.

What experience and skills do you feel that you bring to the role of Governor?

I was here to see the granting of the Foundation Trust licence from Monitor which was a long time ago and the political landscape has changed but family’s needs have not eased and there challenges to come for the NHS everywhere. Outside Bridgewater I am a full time Health and Safety Coordinator with the Communication Workers Union and such work takes me around the UK regularly, so there are opportunities to see how other people or trusts approach or solve health and social care issues.

What is the most important thing for you as a Governor?  

Nationally there are rising demand for services for a variety of reasons, there are vicious budgetary cuts to service providers, so staying the same is not an option for the NHS. With such continuous change we are always looking at new ways to deliver the best standards of care services to the communities and I will endeavour to assist the Trust in doing so.

Christine Stankus – Public Governor for Rest of England

Christine Stankus

I was elected in September 2019 to the Council of Governors of which I am very proud of.

I’ve been retired for three years and feel I still have a lot to offer, and contribute to work to ensure the provision of quality health services continue.

I bring a vast experience spanning 44 years working in the NHS Covering both psychiatry, learning disabilities and general care settings. Each brings its unique issues which, I feel has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge, resulting in satisfactory solutions/outcomes.

My career developed considerably during my enjoyable career in a positive environment, my years of NHS service working in several post has been invaluable in galvanising those experiences, including fulfilling a secondment post in the Warrington PCT, managing the PCT Estate/Capital programme. Working with external agencies enabled me to approach service delivery in an holistic manner alongside not only senior managers, service users, and staff at the coalface.

I feel my NHS background gave me the experience to represents members’ interest in both the Trust and with other organisations/agencies.

As an ‘Elected Governor’ I can honestly say I am looking forward to ‘getting involved’ and hope my skills will be very useful to support the Trust staff, governors, and service users, as they continue to deliver what is” an already good Trust into an outstanding of excellence in many ways.

Bill Harrison  – Public Governor

Bill Harrison

Why did you want to become a Governor?

Our NHS is a unique organisation which provides medical care to all members of our society, free at the point of delivery.

Although the political landscape changes, the needs of family life remain fundamentally stable. The role of Public Governor is a small way to ensure the views of the ordinary family will continue to form a vital part of the NHS decision making process.

What experience and skills do you feel that you bring to the role of Governor?

I am now retired having spent my career as an Electrical Engineer undertaking roles in Product Management Project Manager and Marketing, in this country and around the world.

As with most of my career Healthcare is all about people, and although my technical expertise, may on occasions be useful, my experience of working with people is much more relevant to the role of a Governor.

What is the most important thing for you as a Governor?

I have served as a Governor since before the granting of our Foundation Trust Licence in 2014.

Throughout my time as a governor, I have seen the trust evolve to meet the needs of our community, by, harnessing new technology, and constantly training and supporting staff to ensure the delivery of a range of high-quality services, to meet the ever-changing challenge of modern life.

I have been encouraged to be actively involved as a governor representative on several major trust committees and Director Appointment Panels. I have had opportunities to visit many of the trust’s clinics and health centres together with regular opportunities to meet staff of our trust.

The role of Public Governor gives me an opportunity to try to ensure the views of the ordinary family will form a vital part of the NHS decision making process.

Staff governors

Dave Smith – Non-clinical support staff including managerial and administrative staff

Dave Smith

As a Bridgewater employee I am passionate about the Trust, the services that it provides and how we can improve these.

In my day role I am responsible for IT and our Electronic Clinical Records Systems operations/developments, with the challenge’s and change requirements that these bring.

I therefore have a significant interest and wide knowledge of technology and engineering disciplines and how these continue to evolve and shape our lives.

On a personal level I feel that I am approachable, a good reasoned listener, whilst being logical and pragmatic.

I have lived locally in the North West of England for much of my life, but have travelled extensively for both work and leisure and still enjoy travel to new and different places.

I like watching all kinds of sport and have a number of classic motorbikes that I have restored and ride regularly.

We have vacancies in our allied health professionals, community dental, clinical support staff and registered medical staff constituencies.