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Paediatric Physiotherapists use their specialist skill set and expertise around child development and childhood disabilities to manage and care for children and young people from birth to 16/19 years of age (APCP, 2021).

The Community Children’s Physiotherapy Team supports children, young people and their families with development and physical needs presenting from neurological, developmental, orthopaedic and specific respiratory conditions.

Our service focuses on maximising a child or young person’s physical abilities in their everyday activities, within their home environment, in educational settings and within the community.

Our service aims to:

  • Help a child/young person achieve maximal gross motor potential by providing specialist physiotherapy assessment, treatment and advice.
  • Provide assessment and support to parents of children who present with normal variants in the development of walking.
  • Provide assessment, treatment and advice for children presenting with general developmental delay with/without pathology where it impacts on their gross motor development.
  • Provide pre and post-surgery management and rehabilitation for children and young people.
  • Provide assessment and advice on respiratory conditions.
  • Provide specialist assessment of equipment for mobility and posture.
  • Work as part of the multidisciplinary team for a holistic approach.
  • The Physiotherapy service will contribute to Education, Health and Care plans and reviews for children and young people.

Meet the team


Rebecca EmeryRebecca Emery

Disney character – Moana

Food – Christmas dinner

Animal – Dog


Emily RadiaEmily Radia

Disney character – Mulan

Food – Tacos

Animal – Squirrel


Lauren VoyceLauren Voyce

Disney character – Woody

Food – Cheese

Animal – Monkey


Ryan UptonRyan Upton

Disney character – Baymax

Food – Chicken Parmigiana

Animal – Emperor Tamarin


Nick GloverNick Glover

Disney character – Lightning McQueen

Food – Paella

Animal – Gorilla


Charlotte AppletonCharlotte Appleton

Disney character – Elsa

Food – Pasta

Animal – Panda


Emily StewartEmily Stewart

Disney character – Mirabel

Food – Spaghetti Carbonara

Animal – Giraffe


Therapy Assistants

Pippa PeetPippa Peet

Disney character – Pocahontas

Food – Cheese

Animal – Capybara


Keryn GreenKeryn Green

Disney character – Mary Poppins

Food – Chocolate

Animal – Dog


Dominique AshbrookDominique Ashbrook

Disney character – Minnie Mouse

Food – Chocolate

Animal – Guinea Pig

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