Warrington Children’s Occupational Therapy – About our service

Occupational Therapists can help babies, infants and young people grow, learn, have fun, socialise, and play so they can develop, thrive, and reach their full potential. (Royal College of Occupational Therapists, 2018).

The Community Children’s Occupational Therapy team sees children and young people who have difficulty joining in with the activities they need and want to do every day.

We call these activities ‘occupations.’

Occupations can include:

  • Self-care tasks (e.g. dressing, bathing, using cutlery)
  • Education (e.g. handwriting, scissor skills, organising work)
  • Play and leisure (e.g. hobbies and sports)

An Occupational Therapist may suggest alternative ways of doing things; provide advice on learning new approaches and techniques or making changes to the environment i.e. through using equipment or adaptations.

Meet the team

Our service is made up of a team of qualified Occupational Therapists, Therapy Assistants and Administration Officers.

Staff have experience in a range of specialist areas of interest, meaning we can offer support to children and young people with a variety of different needs.

All our staff have an Enhanced DBS with clearance to work with children and vulnerable people and our Occupational Therapists are registered with The Health and Care Professional Council.

Katie Watts – Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist

Katie Watts

  • Favourite dinosaur – Diplodocus
  • When I was little, I wanted to be an – Air hostess


Maeve O’Sullivan – Senior Occupational Therapist

Maeve O’Sullivan

  • Favourite dinosaur: Brontosaurus
  • Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Favourite calming activity: Painting my nails

Heather Gibson – Senior Occupational Therapist

Heather Gibson

  • My favourite book is Zog and the Flying Doctors.
  • I like to eat cheese.
  • I find jumping the most fun and a good way to use energy.


Kirsty Hughes – Senior Occupational Therapist

Kirsty Hughes

  • I like watching rugby league
  • I also like cheese and cake
  • My favourite childhood book was Peace at Last

Hilary Kay – Senior Occupational Therapist

Hilary Kay

  • Favourite children’s book: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’  (or if already taken then ‘The Brave Little Train’
  • Favourite Dinosaur: Diplodocus
  • Job I wanted to do: Helicopter pilot


Megan Wain – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Megan Wain


Honor Sakakli – Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • Favourite colour – Orange
  • When I was little I wanted to be – an ice skater
  • Favourite Character – Peter Rabbit


Julia Roberts – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Julia Roberts

  • Favourite colour – purple
  • Favourite food –  lasagne
  • Favourite hero – Elastigirl


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