Intermediate Care – Warrington

Intermediate care is a range of needs led, transitional and integrated services that are intended to improve patient health outcomes:

  • To promote faster recovery from illness
  • To prevent unnecessary presentation and admission to an acute hospital bed
  • To prevent premature or unnecessary admission to long-term residential care
  • To maximise independent living

These services are delivered in partnership between primary and secondary health care, and local government services and include:

  • Nursing support
  • Rehabilitation/therapy
  • Medical support
  • Social and personal support

Patients have access to a range of services at home or in designated care settings.

Intermediate care includes a programme of active rehabilitation involving 1 or more of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and medical / nursing input.

The service aims to make the patient as independent as possible. This usually means that the patient can stay living at home wherever possible.

Intermediate Care services are dependent upon links between Social Services, local GP’s, Warrington& Halton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Bridgewater Community Healthcare services.

Telephone: 01925 946552