Community Matrons – Warrington

The Community Matron Service is comprised of highly experienced senior nurses and are part of an integrated nursing team.

Their aim is to engage patients to self-manage their own health and to prevent avoidable hospital admissions and/or to facilitate early supported discharge.

This is achieved by active use of advanced clinical practice, case management skills and engagement with other stakeholders.

Community Matrons have advanced training to clinically examine, diagnose and prescribe for patients as required to allow for early treatment/management of symptoms.

Who can access the service?

Access is for people who have multiple long term or a range of complex conditions. Patients must be registered with a Warrington GP and aged over 18 years.

Usually these people will be at risk of hospital admissions or high users of GP and Out of Hours services.

How can people access the service?

People can self-refer into the service or ask their health professional to refer.

Where is the service offered?

Integrated nursing teams are based in four locations across Warrington:

1st Floor Spencer House
Dewhurst Rd
01925 843866

Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre
Leigh Street
01925 946325

Central and South
Orford Jubilee Park
01925 867807

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