Catheter Care Team – Warrington

About the Catheter Care Team

The Catheter Care Team responds to urgent complex catheter problems within the community setting whether in their own home or a residential / nursing home.

It is the rapid response element of the service that prevents inappropriate hospital admissions.

The catheter team provides the following elements of care:

  • Assessment of acute & chronic retention of urine
  • Trial without catheter within the community
  • Bladder Scanning
  • Teaching of intermittent self- catheterisation
  • Use of Entonox (gas & air) for painful catheter changes
  • First change of supra-pubic catheters
  • Any complex catheter change
  • Venepuncture

Who can access the service?

Any patient with complex catheter needs within the Warrington area if registered with a Warrington GP.

GP’S, Patients, acute hospital, urology specialist nurses, including oncology urology nurses St Rocco’s Hospice staff, district nurses, any healthcare professional, private & public sector staff.

How can people access the service?
The Catheter team can be contacted via Single Point of Access on 01925 946464 or on the catheter mobile 07748783118.

Where is the service offered?

Patients own home, residential or nursing home and Woolston Clinic.

Contact details

Catheter Care Team
Woolston Clinic
Holes Lane

Telephone: 07748 783118

Opening hours

8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Out of hours District Nurses contact number for outside of our opening hours: 01925 946276.

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