Joint Voice Clinic – North West

The Joint Voice Clinic is a dedicated clinic for patients who are experiencing problems with their voice.

We have a Specialist Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctor and a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) on site, providing a one stop shop to assess your voice problem and plan treatment.

The clinic uses state of the art precision stroboscopy equipment for your examination.

This allows for improved visualisation of your vocal cords and, if you want, you can even see them for yourself!

Having access to both ENT and Speech and Language Therapy at the same time can result in greater accuracy of diagnosis, and allows you to achieve your treatment outcome sooner than if you were to see both professionals separately.

We can discuss your treatment options together and answer any questions you may have.

Who is this service for?

This service is available to anyone who has experienced hoarseness or a change in their voice lasting three or more weeks.

Your voice difficulties may have been impacting on your social life or your ability to carry out your job.

How can I access the service?

You can access the Joint Voice Clinic via Choose and Book following a referral from your GP.

Information for Referring GP

The Joint Voice Clinic can be found under: Speciality: ENT, Clinic type: Throat (including voice/swallowing), Service: ENT Voice Clinic).

Contact details

For appointment enquiries, contact ENT appointments on 01928 753084.

For general enquiries about the clinic, contact Speech and Language Therapy on 01928 593765.

For ENT enquiries, contact ENT Secretaries on 01925 662034.

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