Halton and St Helens Wheelchair Service – Referrals / Criteria


If you are an existing service user, and have a wheelchair issued by us, you can contact us by either calling or emailing and we will advise if a further referral is required from a registered medical professional.

If you are not known to us, then a referral will be required from a Registered qualified healthcare professional. The referral form can be requested by the healthcare professional by contacting us.

Alternatively, the healthcare professional can access our relevant forms by clicking on the ‘Professional Area’ link where they will be asked to entre a unique access code.

You may find it useful to refer to the ‘Criteria’ to check that any request doesn’t fall outside our provision remit.

Once a referral is received it will be uploaded onto a ‘Triage’ system for the clinicians to investigate, review, action or allocate to the waiting list for assessment.

Whilst we aim to see clients promptly the waiting list is currently running at approximately 18 weeks wait depending on the clinician and service you will require.


We do provide:

  • Standard transit chairs for occasional use – please be aware that due to global shortages of stock there is a waiting list for occasional use transit wheelchairs.
  • Short-term loan standard transit and self-propel wheelchairs dependent on need and medical condition
  • Self-propel wheelchairs dependent on need and medical condition
  • Indoor use powered wheelchairs following satisfactory assessment for Wheelchair service team
  • Specialist seating cushions following assessment by a clinician and dependent on requirements

We don’t provide:

  •  Wheelchairs in place of a suitable static seat
  • Powered packs or powered wheels that are retro fitted to manual wheelchairs
  • Powered outdoor only wheelchairs
  • Powered wheelchairs above Class 2
  • Seat risers in powered wheelchairs
  • Mobility scooters
  • Equipment specifically for work, education or sporting requirements
  • Sunshades / canopies for buggies unless identified specific medical need
  • Trays unless required for postural support as identified by wheelchair service on assessment.
  • Transportation clamps or head restraints for transportation purposes.
  • Transit wheelchairs for portering purposes to Nursing and Residential Care Homes in St Helens.

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