Halton and St Helens Wheelchair Service – My appointment

My appointmentAt your initial assessment the clinician will check the details we have on our system before commencing the assessment.

The assessment may consist of the following:

  • A brief medical history
  • Discussion around the reason for referral
  • Clinical need for referral
  • Environmental concerns and considerations
  • Recommendations from the clinician and then appropriate future actions
  • Seated body measurements
  • Discussions about the Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB).

The majority of our appointments are clinic based.

This allows us greater access to equipment that may be needed during the assessment.

There is an expectation that if you already have a wheelchair, you will attend clinic as you would any hospital appointment.

Please see the ‘Transport’ link below if you require assistance to your appointment.

Transport services

Community transport services provide safe, accessible and affordable transport solutions to their local community, which enable people to access work, training and social activities they might not otherwise be able to get to or do.

Most schemes offer a door-to-door service, including dial-a-ride, shopping trips, medical appointments, day trips, outings and group hire.

Dial-a-ride journeys typically operate fully accessible mini-buses, which are suitable for most modern wheelchairs.

Fares are generally set based on the length of the journey and are agreed with the operator in advance. A local dial-a-ride or shopping trip generally costs the same as local bus fares.

Schemes may set their own conditions for who can be carried, according to local priorities.

Read our transport services leaflet for more information.

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