Podiatry – Halton

The Service aims to offer a wide range of clinical interventions primarily dealing with assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the lower limb to patients deemed as having a clinical or medical need.

This is done through the following treatment modalities:

  • Basic foot care and routine podiatry for patients with medium to high clinical or medical need
  • Specialist treatment to children via biomechanical (leg and foot function) clinics
  • Biomechanical assessment and insole provision for  adults
  • Rapid access Diabetic foot ulcer clinic in Warrington Hospital
  • Nail surgery clinics (i.e. when we remove all or part of a toenail under local anaesthesia) for all age groups.
  • Emergency access clinics for acute/ infected/ painful foot conditions
  • Domiciliary service for housebound patients

Who can access the service?

All patients with a clinical or medical need for can refer into the service. Podiatry will clinically triage all referred patients to ascertain their suitability for the service.

How can people access the service?

Referral into the service is by the enclosed application form that can be completed by either the patient themselves, General Practitioner or Other Health Care Professional.

Where is the service offered?

All of these following locations have the advantage of having local transport stops nearby, and cover all the key population masses within Halton.


  • St. Paul’s Health Centre
  • Hallwood Health Centre
  • Castlefields Health Centre
  • Murdishaw Health Centre


  • 2nd Floor Widnes Health Care Resource Centre
  • Chapelfields Health Centre
  • Beaconsfield Road Health Centre

Contact details

Podiatry Department
Mill Brow Clinic

Tel: 01928 593623 (Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.00pm)

Additional information

All these facilities have their own car parking, with the addition of disabled parking spaces also, close to the clinical entrance.

All locations are suitable for wheelchair access, and where the clinic is on a second floor (Castlefields and Beaconsfield) a lift is available Podiatry Services across Bridgewater ensure that each clinical site from which the service is delivered complies with access to services for patients identified as having a disability, as defined in the Equality Act 2010.

If a patient has mobility issues which may require the patient to access the service at a specific location, this should be identified at the referral stage so that, where necessary, ‘reasonable adjustments’ can be made to allow patients access to service provision.

All locations have a mixture of am/pm appointments, on various days of week.

The busiest centre (Widnes HCRC) has the addition of evening surgeries.

Waits at all these clinics is monitored by clerical staff and service lead, and staff can be moved around to provide more sessions at any particular venue where the demand has increased above normal. Where we do not have sole use of a clinic, this is done with prior agreement with the other party.

Home visits are available for patients who are totally housebound.

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