Intermediate Care and Frailty Service (HICaFS) – Halton

Intermediate Care and Frailty Service (HICaFS) has replaced the NHS services previously provided in Halton by the Rapid Access Rehabilitation Service (RARS), Capacity & Demand Team and the Halton Integrated Frailty Service (HIFS).

Main elements of the service:

  • Clinical triage
  • Initial triage of presenting patients by an appropriate clinician
  • Treatment and admission avoidance care plans
  • Advanced care planning
  • Clinical medication review
  • Optimising physical function
  • Discharge plans
  • Supporting self-care and patient education

Inclusion criteria:

  • People over 18 years with complex health needs.
  • People over 18 years who have experienced a rapid deterioration in health or function which does not need secondary care as a result.
  • People over 18 years who require rapid intervention and a timely intensive care package.
  • People over 18 years who require access to time-limited care and support.
  • People who require a rapid Multidisciplinary approach to their care.
  • Referrals from the Ambulance service to assist and assess patients who have fallen.
  • Referrals from the Ambulance service for people who can remain at home with the correct support.
  • Referrals from hospital for people who can continue their care at home with the correct support.

The team will in addition to supporting patients from both the community Intermediate care beds and managed care teams integrate care.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Under 18 years old
  • Not resident of Halton and/or registered with a Halton GP
  • Chest pain of cardiac origin
  • Acute onset of fast AF or arrhythmias Potential CVA or TIA
  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • Acute surgical, gynecological or orthopedic presentation
  • Acute Mental Health presentation
  • Patient in last days of life-started on anticipatory medication.

How can people access the service?

The service is accessed through a referral by Health Professionals, Social Services, Voluntary Agencies and self-referral (if previously seen by the service).

Please complete our Halton Intermediate Care referral form.

Where is the service offered?

In the patient’s own home or care setting.

Contact details

Intermediate Care and Frailty Service (HICaFS)
Health Care Resource Centre
Oaks Place
Caldwell Road, Widnes

Telephone: 01925 946670 (Urgent Response)


Normal working hours for the service are 8am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday.

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