Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) in Halton

The Family Nurse Partnership logo is a programme for first time young mums and delivers intensive home visiting, delivered by specially trained nurses.

Family Nurses come from a variety of backgrounds such as health visiting, midwifery, school nursing or mental health.

Nurses have additional training to deliver the programme.

Family nurse partnership has three aims:

  • to improve pregnancy outcomes
  • to improve child health and development
  • and to increase parent’s economic self-efficiency.

The programme is based on three theories: attachment theory, self-efficacy theory and human ecology.

The programme is a licensed programme that originated in America and there has been over thirty years of research to show its effectiveness.

Who can access the service?

First time mums aged 19 and under who live in Halton before they are 28 weeks gestation.

Or first time mums aged of 19-24 who have two or more vulnerabilities such as:

  • History of/or current abuse
  • Low educational attainment
  • Previous or present mental health problems
  • Client substance abuse
  • Previous or current domestic abuse
  • Family dysfunction / chaotic home environment
  • Criminal justice system involvement, client or partner
  • Other risks to client not covered by the above

How can they access the service?

Referrals come mainly from the midwifery service.

Clients or other professionals can also refer.

Where do visits take place?

Visits are mainly conducted in the clients own home but they can also  take place in the Children’s Centre or any other community venue in Halton.

Contact details

Family Nurse Partnership
Kingsway Children’s Centre
Victoria Square

Telephone: 0151 511 5602

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