About us – Bladder & Bowel Service in Halton

Bladder and Bowel Service in Halton youre not on your ownIf you are experiencing issues with bladder or bowel continence we have a team of specialist nurses who are here to help you.

Bladder and bowel continence can be an issue for men and women of any age and stage of life.

It is more common than people think and our service can help people to achieve a much improved quality of life by managing this condition.

We promise to:

  • Work with you to improve your quality of life by helping you to manage incontinence through support and advice from our specialist nurses
  • Offer a full confidential assessment by our specialist nurses which will look at a wide range of factors to fully understand the causes
  • Discuss options for treatment, including further referral to other health services for further investigations and treatment
  • Offer training on continence issues to patients, their family/carers and other health professionals to help people manage their condition
  • Provide appropriate aids and products, based on clinical need, for continence that is difficult to treat

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