Communications Team

Our Communications Team is responsible for all external and internal communications.

This includes handling media enquiries, writing press releases, producing corporate publications, organising interviews, photocalls and press briefings.

The Team is also responsible for the Trust website and our corporate social media accounts.

Media enquiries

Media enquiries for Bridgewater Community Healthcare is handled by the Communications and Engagement team.

We try extremely hard to facilitate prompt and accurate responses to queries we receive from the media.

To make sure your enquiry reaches the right person and can be responded to as quickly as possible, please use the following email as your first point of contact:

During working hours (which are normally Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm), journalists can also call the team on 07795 017640 if they need to speak to us urgently. Otherwise, please use

Filming and photography requests

Anyone wishing to take photographs or film staff working in any of our services or on our premises should contact the Communications Team.

Latest News

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