Work Experience

This page is aimed at any individual that is interested in a period of work experience with Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in clinical and non-clinical roles.

You will not be classed as an employee or remunerated during the placement.

Work Experience at the Trust

At Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust it is important for us to offer a positive and worthwhile experience which is of benefit to both you and the Trust.

It is important that the work experience is undertaken in line with legislation and the Trust will ensure that staff, patients and learners themselves are not exposed to unnecessary risk.

All staff will support your work experience in the NHS through putting you at ease, providing guidance and creating an enjoyable, professional and safe environment.

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust covers a vast geographical area please see our trust map below when choosing your preferred placement area.

Bridgewater about us map

Application for Work Experience

Please complete this application form below with as much detail as possible on your preferred work experience.

Information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Once this form has been submitted it will be processed by the Education and Development Team and forwarded onto the appropriate Departmental Manager for review.

You will then be contacted by either the Education and Development Team or the Manager with a response and details of the process going forward.

Please note that although we will attempt to facilitate your request it may not always be suitable for the work experience placement to go ahead or take place in the area you have requested.

Under 16 information

Students aged 16 years old or under are only permitted to undertake administrative and clerical placements.

Students aged 17 years old or over are permitted in clinical areas but will be supervised at all times and may need further individual assessments to take place.

All students will be required to provide ID and proof of age before placement.

Application form

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Schools and Colleges

If you are a school or college wishing to engage with Bridgewater for work experience placements or if you wish for our staff to visit your school/college can you please contact for more information.

Additional information

Any placement offered will be subject to the information given on this form being correct, and to satisfactory clearance of employment and health checks.

If you are required to have a DBS check this will be self-funded.

Please note that a DBS check can take up to six weeks to be processed.

Work experience posters from pupils

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