About Warrington School Health

The School Health Team consists of a range of professionals including School Nurses, Public Health Community Nurses, Nursery Nurses and Healthcare Support Workers.

Each primary and secondary school has a named School Nurse who is supported by their team to promote health and emotional wellbeing in schools and in the community by:

  • Being available to address, in confidence, any concerns about a child or young person’s health.
  • Providing health advice to help children and young people to make positive health choices.
  • Assessing children starting primary school after their care is transferred from the Health Visitor.
  • Assessing the health of year 7 pupils before they transfer to high school.
  • Offering young people an opportunity to discuss health issues confidentially at school based or community based drop ins.
  • Supporting young people who have particular medical needs and providing training for education staff to help manage these needs.
  • Developing care plans to support pupils with medical needs including allergy.
  • Delivering classroom-based health education.
  • Working with and referring to other professionals.
  • Working with other agencies to safeguard and protect young people.

The School Health Team also offers the universal service and support and advice to children and young people who are educated otherwise across Warrington.


For confidential and anonymous advice for your 0–5 year old, please call 07507 327981.

For confidential and anonymous advice if you are the parent or carer of a child aged 5-19 years old, please call 07480 635994.

For confidential and anonymous advice for Young People aged 11-19 years old, please call 07507 330101.

Our team of health professionals will be awaiting your call to offer advice and support on any issues you may have.

Our leaflet

Warrington 0-19 service – Information about the Health Visiting and School Health Service leaflet

Concerns or feedback?

If you have any concerns or feedback, please contact:

Our Patient Services team on 0800 587 0562 or bchft.patientservices@nhs.net. Open 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.