About us – Community Stoma Care Service in Warrington

A stoma is an opening on the surface of the abdomen which has been surgically created to divert the flow of faeces or urine.

Individuals of all ages can have a stoma.

Description of the Stoma Care Nursing Service

The Stoma  Care Service is a community based team of experienced specialist Nurses.

The Stoma Care service provides care and support for patient/client before and after surgery.

The service also provides advice to established stoma clients who are experiencing problems.

If you need a clinic appointment with the stoma team please ring 01925 454813 to arrange an appointment.

We provide home visits for those patients who are unable to attend our clinics.

To make an appointment please ring: 01925 946348.

Stoma care patient support forum

This is cancelled until further notice due to the pandemic.

Our leaflet

Information for patients, families and carers about the Stoma Care Team