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The Community Orthopaedic Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (OCATS) provides clinical assessment, diagnosis and conservative treatment by the most appropriate member of our clinical team.

Referrals into our service are looked at daily to ensure patients are seen by the most appropriate member of our team and in order of clinical priority.

We offer evidence based physiotherapy treatment which may consist of: tailored exercises; exercise classes; manual therapy, lifestyle modification and self-management advice to work towards normal activates of daily living. pain-free movement and improved function.

Education and advice is given on how to manage musculoskeletal conditions and to promote health & well-being

Self-management techniques are promoted within our service.

This encourages patients to carry out more regular exercise regimes to support the management of their condition by continuing treatment at home.

Our service holds a range of classes that support the teaching of self-management techniques.

We enable the patient to make an informed decision about their management and empower the patient to self-manage and take control of their problem.

You can find out about the difference services we offer on our OCATS appointments page.

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