Feedback – Health Visiting Warrington

Parent/Carer feedback

Our Health Visiting Service positively encourages feedback from families and uses a range of methods to capture and improve their experience

Feedback from you is important to us as we value what you say and this can help us to develop our services for you and your child.  We have different ways of asking your feedback.

For example:

  • Feedback forms for you to complete. You cannot be identified as they do not include your name.
  • Asking you to be a “parent partner” so that we can work with you directly on what you think about our service and if we need to make any changes.

We value what you say

We routinely ask for feedback from you to see how we are doing.

This may be a request for verbal feedback, or we will ask you to complete an anonymous feedback form.

This information will be treated confidentially, and may be used by the team in order to improve our service

Used our service? Tell us what you think:

We also like to engage Parent Partners via focus groups to gain feedback.

The service has its own Facebook page: