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Referrals to the Warrington Additional Health Needs Panel

Making a referralReferral for Assessment via the Additional Health Needs Panel

Any professional (such as your health visitor,  school nurse,  GP,  nursery teacher) can make a referral to the panel.

When we get a referral all the information is reviewed by our team to make sure we are the correct professionals to address your child’s needs.

If we do not have the right skills we will not accept the referral and we will let your referrer know.   We will explain why the referral is not being accepted and will try to signpost to other services, if this is possible.

If the referral is accepted you will be invited to make appointments with the professionals who will be involved in your child’s assessment.

These may be Specialist Nurses, Therapists or some of our assistants. Sometimes a doctor may be involved.

We will write to you asking you to contact us to arrange appointments.

It is important that you get in touch so we can offer appointments that are convenient for you

We may send you questionnaires before you attend your appointments. You should complete these and bring them to your appointments.

This will help our team fully understand your concerns and support us to make decisions, with you, about your child’s care.

You may also wish to think about any questions you would like to ask our team.

Key documents

Referral forms

Is there a criteria for referral?

Live in Warrington, Warringtom GP

The Team provides a service to children and families who live in Warrington and /or have a Warrington GP.

If you live outside Warrington there may be a similar service in your area.

Please ask your Health Visitor or school staff.

How can a parent use the service

If you have concerns you can ask any professional who knows your child to make a referral.

All referrals have to have  your consent so you will be aware if you have been referred.

We have a detailed referral form that helps us decide if we have the correct skills to help you and your child.

It also makes sure we have some basic details and we will try to only ask you go back over what is important as part of the assessment

At times it may seem that we are asking the same questions again however each professional will need the information for a different aspect of your child’s assessment

These are the links to the referral forms for the Additional Needs Panel.

It includes referral information, consent and age specific criteria.

If you have any difficulty with the referral form please contact 01925 867867.

Referrals should be sent to:

The Child Development Centre
Sandy Lane

What is the process of an accepted referral?

Once a referral is accepted, parents/carers will be sent a letter asking them to phone the Child Development Centre, to make appointments that are convenient.

If parents/carers do not respond within 10 working days to our invitations to make appointments we will assume the appointments are not needed and we will let the referrer know that the child is discharged from the service.

All children are seen for an initial assessment within 18 weeks of referral.

There is no cost for access to the services we offer.

How long with this process take

Children are very different and all develop in different ways.

We want to make sure we identify if there are any health difficulties and how to help you and your family.

The assessments are very detailed and often take up to 9 months in order to have a detailed picture of your child.

Your child may behave differently in different places so assessments may take place in the nursery / school, Child Development Centre, in your home and this will vary depending on a child’s needs.

Your child may also be asked to attend hospital appointments for blood tests or xrays, if this is needed as part of the assessment

Sometimes, when the assessment is complete, it is clear that a child needs help, but there may be no specific name or diagnosis for a child’s needs.

Our focus is always to identify strengths and difficulties of the child, to allow you and your family to receive the appropriate support and access to provision that we or other services offer.

Waiting times

It will be up to 18 weeks before assessments commence and while we will provide advice to your child from the beginning for some children a period of ‘watchful waiting’   needs to be used to determine how your child develops over time.

As there are likely to multiple assessments over a period of time any possible or appropriate diagnosis may take a number of months to ensure it is accurate and helpful for your child.