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Warrington Additional Health Needs Panel Assessments

AssessmentsWhat will happen after the assessments

We will give you advice throughout the assessment process so you can begin to use this to support your child.

We may also need to work with you over time to see how your child develops and how they respond to the advice given to you.

Although assessments may continue over a period of time you will receive advice and strategies to commence at home and these will put you at the centre of support for your child.

If there is a health need, we will develop a support ‘plan on a page’ so you can see clearly,  in one place, our approach to helping you and your child.

We will try to support you as a family as we realise this is a difficult time.

You are likely to have already commenced strategies and exercises at home, as you will have been given them by the therapists and nurses

The support offered may include group training with other families. This means you will meet other parents in a similar situation.

This training may be delivered by Health Professionals or other professionals.

In some cases, additional advice may be given to nursery / school to help them support your child.

If your child requires an Education Health Care Plan, the health professionals will contribute to this when asked.

Your health professionals may ask your permission to let the Early Help team in the Borough Council know about your child so they can prepare the setting you chose to support your child in the best way possible.

Who else will know you are working with my child

We will send copies of all reports to you, your child’s GP, and other professionals, unless you tell us otherwise.

Information about the provision available in the area for children and young people who have additional needs is available via the local offer and also via Bridgewater website.




Meet the Health team

Visit the service pages:

In addition to the Bridgewater Health team, our partners in Warrington Borough Council, from the Early Help team and the Educational Psychology Service, and our partners from CAMHS  (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) are part of the panel to provide their advice and support to the group.

This ensures we are all working together to support your child.

Where we work

Sandy Lane Children's Centre

We are next to St Stephens School, on the site of Sandy Lane Children’s Centre, parking is available on site.

The nearest bus stops are at St Stephens Church or Cleveland Road, which is on the numbers 20 & 21 bus route.

Moving on – Transitions and Discharge

When appropriate advice, coaching and/or intervention has been completed, the service will discharge the child. It is likely that some services will cease before others,  such as the Community Paediatrician, if involved, will discharge to the care of the other professionals who will provide advice and treatment.

The decision to discharge will always be discussed with the  child /young person, their family and other relevant professionals to ensure that there is understanding of the reasons for discharge.

Children and young people can be re-referred to the service in future if there is a change in need or circumstances which impact on their communication.

What is my role as a parent?

We would like you to be fully involved in deciding the treatment goals and that you complete all exercises at home.

We will communicate with you in the manner that is best for you,  via appointments in clinic or school, via letter, phone or email, with your consent.

We will include you into all letters about your child.  All others who work with your child will receive this written information.  If this is not what you wish please let us know. Parents/carers are always invited to contact us if they have any queries about their child and their progress.

Our  health staff will contribute to Education, Health and Care plans  and reviews for children and young people with additional needs.

Where required an interpreter can be made available on request.