Patient video consultations

Patient video consultations

Video consultations

Bridgewater now offers online appointments, using Attend Anywhere.

Video calling is as convenient as a phone call, with the added value of face-to-face communication. It can save you time and money, and brings your care closer to home.

This is a private and secure video call service for patients with pre-arranged appointment times.

Before you start

  1. Make sure you have an appointment.
  2. Test your setup to make sure that you are ready to make video calls.
  3. Enter the waiting area about five minutes before your appointment time.​
  • Use one of these web browsers
  • Google Chrome (Windows computer, or Android tablet/smartphone)
  • ​Safari (Apple computer, iPad, or iPhone).

Enter the waiting area

Ensure you complete all details including your date of birth and a number we can call you back on if there are any difficulties. Don’t forget to tick the small box at the bottom of the registration screen.

Ready to start your video call? ​

Click the service button you require below.

Important: Please ensure you are connected to Wifi or have sufficient mobile data before starting your video consultation.

Community Dental Service

Dental are no longer using attend anywhere for video consultations, you will have been contacted by the service to inform your appointment will be via telephone.


Halton Adult Speech and Language Therapy

Halton Children’s Physiotherapy Service

Halton Children’s Occupational Therapy Service

Halton Children’s Audiology Service

Halton Children’s Multi-Disciplinary Team

Halton Children’s Neurodevelopmental Nurse Service

Halton Community Neurological Rehabilitation Service

Halton Heart Failure Team

Halton Paediatricians Service

Halton Paediatrician Multi-Disciplinary Team

Halton Wheelchair Service

St Helens

St Helens Wheelchair Service


Warrington 0-19 East Service

Warrington 0-19 South Service

Warrington 0-19 West Service

Warrington Children’s Occupational Therapy Service

Warrington Children’s Specialist Nursing Service

Warrington Children’s Speech & Language Therapy Service

Warrington Children’s Physiotherapy Service

Warrington Community Paediatrics Clinic

Warrington Community Paediatrics Multi-Disciplinary Team

Warrington Enhanced Care Home Support Team

Warrington Falls & Rehab

Warrington Family Nurse Partnership

Warrington Infant Feeding Team

Warrington Neuro Team

Warrington OCATS / Physiotherapy

Warrington Wheelchair Service

North west wide

Northwest Driving Assessment Service

Alert: Due to a technical issue, Widnes UTC is currently operating a reduced service.

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