Bridgewater nurse Chloe earns huge praise for compassionate patient care

Bridgewater nurse ChloeKind, caring, compassionate and clued–up… everything you want your nurse to be.

Chloe Sutton has ticked every box and more and won her the praise and plaudits of her peers for the actions she took when confronted by an extremely challenging situation whilst visiting a patient in his home.

“Things weren’t going well and he needed help and support to get him into a better place physically and mentally, “ explained Nursing Associate Chloe.

Calling on the knowledge acquired from her time in the district nursing services in St Helens, Runcorn and now Widnes, she started making the calls necessary to improve her patient’s situation.

In a few short hours calls had been made to Social Care, British Red Cross, Bridgewater’s own community equipment stores, the continence team, environmental health and the local authority to find out about the availability of foodbanks and food parcels.

“I’ve just picked up knowledge from my training, Twitter, the internet and my studies,” explained Chloe who, just last week submitted her expression of interest to undertake a nursing degree.

“I love my job, nursing is definitely the career for me. When I first started I worked in admin, almost from the start I knew I wanted more.

“I then went on a phlebotomy course and again started asking for more so went on to the next level. When I read about the Nursing Associate role I jumped at the chance.

“I have two young children and this provided me with the means to study, gain on the job experience and has now led me to embark on a degree . It’s been fantastic and I’m really pleased to be where I am.”

Jim Eatwell, Named Nurse/ Adult safeguarding lead for Bridgewater, said “Chloe made a great effort in contacting many partner agencies to help organise support but that does not capture the kindness and humanity  she demonstrated.

“Perhaps this is best illustrated by how Chloe took advantage of a “free fish and chips offer” for NHS staff at her local chippy and brought a meal back for this gentleman.”

Sarah Power, Talent for Care Programme Facilitator with Bridgewater, said:

”Chloe and her colleagues were among the first in the country to sign up for the Nursing Associate Programme. They are all great ambassadors for the nursing associate role and evidence, if needed, of the talent and potential that exists within our unregistered workforce and why they are worth investing in.”