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Rapid Access Rehabilitation Service (RARS) – Halton

The Rapid Access Rehabilitation Service provides a service that aims to rehabilitate people who have been unwell.

The team works with people who are being discharged from hospital and also with people in their own homes or in designated rehabilitation beds.

The services are known as Intermediate Care.

RARS is an integrated  team made up of staff from Halton Borough council, Bridgewater and Warrington and Halton hospital trust.

What does RARS aim to do?

RARS work with you, your family and carers to design a programme of activities that aims to help you continue to live as independently as possible.

Initially a member of staff will carry out an assessment and decide which specialist services may need to be provided.

This may also include speaking to your GP, hospital doctor, nurses, social worker and your family, with your permission.

Who’s in the team?

RARS has nurses, occupational therapists, dietician, care staff, physiotherapist and social care staff.

These staff are employed by the Community Health Care Trust, Halton Borough Council, and the Acute Hospital Trust.

What activities / services can be provided?

Assessments with you by staff from the team will identify programmes of rehabilitation and care designed to increase your abilities with things like walking, getting out and about, looking after yourself, preparing food, managing your finances.

The team can also offer specific treatments, support, advice and information for any long term conditions you may have.

The team can also provide information, advice and support to anyone who is helping to look after you.

Who is the service for?

RARS is for people who are over the age of 18 years and live in Halton and/or have a Halton GP.

How do I access the RARS team?

Via a referral from either professional medical or social care staff, representative from Red Cross, Age Concern, etc. Day Centres, Residential/Nursing Home’s officer in charge, Halton Haven.

Can I refer myself?

Yes, you or a member of your family can contact the team on 0151 511 7645 to discuss your needs and how the team may be of help.

Where are services provided?

Your initial assessment can be completed in your own home or the hospital depending on where you are when you need us.

Following the initial assessment we will either work with you in your own home or within one of our designated rehabilitation units.

The rehabilitation units are ward B1 in Halton Hospital and Oakmeadow care home in Widnes.

People are typically under the care of RARS for two to six weeks as appropriate.

How to contact us:

Telephone: 0151 511 7645
Textphone: 18001 0151 511 7645
Mobile: 07917093014
Fax: 01928 500767

Service hours

Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 8.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 8.30am to 4:30pm