Lynne Carter – Chief Nurse

Lynne Carter

Position: Chief Nurse


Tell us about your career to date:

Registered general nurse and learning disability nurse with an extensive career as a Chief Nurse and Chief Operating Officer.

Worked in acute, community and mental health organisations at an executive level and has also undertaken several turnaround projects as an independent consultant.


What is the most important thing for you in your role?

Ensuring that patient safety, quality and risk management is understood and delivered by all.

Oversight of the strategy implementation within the Trust and partnerships with other providers.


What is the biggest achievement of your career so far?

Ensuring that patients come first always and making sure that staff in corporate services can see the patient within everything we do.


What is your main focus for the year?

Quality improvement, transformation and provider partnerships to promote care delivery in each place.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Seeing the development of staff and the primary importance of patient care delivery. Ensuring that all we do is focused on enabling people to thrive in their communities.

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