Community Neurosciences Team in Warrington – How to access our service

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To access our service we will need a referral form to be completed and sent to our team.

The form needs to be completed by a health or social professional such as a GP, social worker or nurse.

However, people with a confirmed diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can self-refer to the Neurological Conditions Nursing Service.

All referrals will be screened and assessed on an individual basis to determine they are appropriate. If appropriate, a letter will be sent inviting the recipient to ‘opt in’ to our service.

The service is designed for adults aged 18 years onwards who live in Warrington or have a Warrington GP (clients between ages 16 – 18 will be assessed on an individual basis).

Inclusion criteria

A confirmed neurological diagnosis such as stroke, acquired brain injury, spinal injury.

Exclusion criteria

  • Anyone without a confirmed neurological diagnosis
  • Brain tumours (grade 3 and above)
  • Congenital conditions
  • Primary presentations that are better seen by other services e.g. mental health, musculo-skeletal ( however, the presence of these conditions would not automatically exclude patients from our service)
  • Therapy to primarily maintain functional level
  • Patients who do not meet the Warrington eligibility criteria.


Contact details

Warrington Community Neurosciences Team
First Floor
Orford Jubilee Hub
Jubilee Way

Telephone: 01925 251366
Fax: 01925 251569

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