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Questions I wish I had asked…or I would recommend asking.

This section of the site is about the questions you may want to ask at your appointment with us.

A group of our parents got together to share their ideas of questions that they would recommend asking or wished that they had asked at their appointment:

You are referring me to… (Eg OT/ Physio/ Orthoptist etc.) can you tell me a bit about what they will do and what their assessment would add to the information you collect

Can you explain about the test you will be using – what is it called, what is involved, what will it tell you?

Can you tell me what you mean by…?  Could you explain what xxxxxxx is?

What will happen if I don’t follow this advice? Or agree to the medication option?

I know there is a wait for an appointment. What can I do while I am waiting for an appointment? What information could I collect, or what could I read while I am waiting?

Where can I look for information that will help me understand or know what to do?

If my child is not diagnosed with a specific diagnosis, what are the next steps – how do we get support?

What do you expect me to do as a parent.  How can I best help my child?

What are the timescales for assessment.  Can you explain them?

Who is my point of contact – is there someone I can ring if I am worried or have a question?

I am feeling sad and worried about the future – is there any help available for me?

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