Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for October 2014

Bridgewater’s shining examples this month include a Paediatric Nurse identified an anomaly on a baby’s head who went on to have emergency brain surgery and a health visitor who continuously goes above and beyond for all the service users she comes into contact with.

Stars of the Month for October 2014

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of Month include:

Children’s Services

Alison Sutch – Disability Nurse Specialist for Children And Young People in Halton. Alison supported a teenager during his end of life care recently. Alison showed great resourcefulness and consideration in the co-ordination of the care that was required to deliver treatment. This young person had a rare condition which has always required treatment in London Alison was able to link up Specialists from Alder Hey and London by acting as the co-ordinator for this young person’s care.  Alison is highly respected by colleagues, families and patients for her intelligence, thoughtfulness and imaginative ways of working.

Linda Taberner, Health Visitor in Wigan. Linda has recently returned from a military exercise in Kenya, where she spent a month working with children and families. This involved her utilising her skills and knowledge as a Health Visitor /Public Health Nurse to vulnerable children and families through outreach work. Linda’s colleagues in her team are proud to work with her and feel she should be recognised by Bridgewater for her commitment and hard work.

Lynn John, Integrated Early Years Team Leader in Wigan. Lynn should be recognised for her team leadership skills. She has a strong focus on staff wellbeing and the importance of this in ensuring high quality care for families. She recognises that an emotionally strong and resilient team are in a position to deliver a great service. Lynn is a real asset to the Children’s Therapy Team.

Nicola Swift, Sue Lawton, Helen Beard, Janet Arnold, Denise Hogg, Julie Clayton, Children’s Community Nurses. These clinicians have formed a Clinical Reference Sub-Group focused on aligning the policies and procedures for Children’s Nursing across the organisation, with a view to ensuring that clinical practice is high quality and evidence based. The team have shown initiative and leadership qualities in taking this work forward. They are a dedicated and professional group and deserve recognition for their commitment to high quality care.

Helen Drummond, Project Support Officer, Infant Feeding Team in Warrington. Helen Drummond’s contribution to the Infant Feeding work and helping Bridgewater – Warrington Division gain their UNICEF reaccreditation award  in May this year, shouldn’t go unrecognised.  Helen’s support, help and advice is wonderful; Helen has a phrase ‘we are on it like a car bonnet Avs’!! That’s sums  Helen for you! A wonderful colleague and one who makes coming to work more enjoyable, thanks so much for being you!

Annette Dunning, Senior Children’s Community Nurse in Halton. Annette recently graduated with a Specialist Practitioner Degree in Children’s Community Nursing. She was the first student for John Moore’s University to gain this particular degree. Annette received glowing plaudits from her Course leader and work placements for her professionalism, positive attitude and work ethic. Annette was also given a prestigious award by John Moore’s University. This was in recognition of the support she provided to a fellow student during the secondment to the university. Annette always works hard in everything she does and is a highly valued team member and a very popular respected nurse with the families on the caseload.

Caroline Williams, General Manager Children and Families in Warrington. The minutes and agendas for Caroline’s DMT meetings were recently scrutinised by monitor as part of our FT application process. Monitor declared that Caroline’s agendas and minutes were “exemplary”. This demonstrated excellence in governance and leadership within the children’s and families directorates. As a result the format used by Caroline has now been employed by all three clinical directorates.

Catherine Hadland, School Nurse in St Helens. Catherine has recently completed an excellent health assessment on a very vulnerable young person. As a result of the health assessment Catherine ensured the young person received appropriate healthcare and liaised with the young person’s social worker. Catherine was commended by the team manager in St Helens Children’s and Young People team for how well she had worked with the young person and for her excellent communication with the young person’s social worker.

Catherine Stewart, Health Visitor in St Helens. Cath is a fantastic health visitor who continuously goes above and beyond for all the service users she comes into contact with. She shows particular interest and dedication to the most vulnerable children and families within her caseload and will often go the extra mile for these clients. She demonstrates enthusiasm, commitment and a hard working attitude on a daily basis and strives to deliver an excellent standard of patient care.

Sue Davidson, Health Visitor for Teenage Parents in Warrington. Sue is currently working on her own since July as her colleague who supports her is on long term sick.  Sue caseload consists of 60+ teenage families, requiring varying degrees of support on a daily or weekly basis. Sue supports and runs a teenage parents group which is attended by many of the families who see it as a safe haven, caring and supportive place to meet.  Sue is very much an advocate for her families ensures they get the correct benefits they are entitled to, or supporting applications for benefits.  Sue is completely dedicated to these families and goes the ‘extra mile’ supporting them, offering advice and encouraging these young people to be better, caring and responsive parents to their children.

Linda Wright, Clinical Manager; Sue Lawton And Part Team, Community Children’s Nursing (Part Team Cathy Jones and Helen Beard – Bridgewater staff. Amanda Turton, Lucy Unsworth, Julie Jones and Deborah Thwaites – Warrington Hospital Staff). Lead Commissioner Maternity and CCG Non Exec visited the PART Service at Bath Street and were extremely impressed with the quality of care provided and the skills of the nurses observed.

Tracey Breary ,Admin Clerk, Public Health Nursing in Warrington. Tracey has undertaken a piece of work regarding health visiting and school nurse data collection on behalf of the teams and team leaders. She has made the data sheets easier to use and collect the data which has reduced the workload and processing for the team leaders in Warrington. This has been extremely beneficial and improved efficiency within the team. Her attitude is always, without exception helpful, proactive and accommodating and we are extremely grateful for all her help and support for this.

Dawn Ryan & Shelagh Howarth, Health Visitors in Wigan. Through patient consultation during Well Baby Clinics information submitted by service users was used to reassess service provision to Parents and Babies in supporting families in developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Through partnership working educational sessions are now provided to encourage and support families with breast feeding, the introduction to solids, cooking on a budget and dental advise.

Louise Southward, Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in St Helens. Identified an anomaly on a baby’s head circumference during a 6 week development check. Baby admitted to local hospital but was subsequently transferred to Glasgow where he underwent emergency brain surgery. Mum called Louise from Glasgow hospital, she was extremely grateful to Louise as she had “saved her child’s life”.

Maria Pennington; Susan Harrison; Megan Harris; Gill Jolley; Lindsay Mcallister; Sam Hutchinson; Sandra Campbell; Sharon Kelly; Andrea Derbyshire; Carmel Farmer, Safeguarding Team in  St Helens. Excellent work carried out to date on their CQUIN.

Adult Services

Bev Hunter, Health Care Assistant, St Helens Walk-In-Centre. Bev showed empathy and extreme care when providing a packing/dressing to an extremely stressed patient. She explained fully the procedure and put the patient at complete ease. A real asset to that team if that is how she acts with members of the public.

Corporate Services

Jack Blundell, Education Administrator in Warrington. Jack Blundell was nominated as he always goes the extra mile whilst working in Spencer House. He is always happy to help out and take on tasks which I suspect are not his job role in order to help others in the workplace.

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