Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for November 2014

The bright lights of Bridgewater this month include two community staff nurses who saved a patient’s life by performing CPR on him in this home, and a Community Matron who was nominated for the “care, compassion and empathy” he shows to patients on a daily basis.

Stars of the Month for November 2014

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of Month include:

Children’s Services

Susan Burns, Health Visitor in Wigan

Whilst delivering training to Children centre staff on a new developmental assessment tool – Ages and Stages – excellent feedback from a staff member who is also a parent of a 2 year old who has recently had this review utilising the new assessment tool. Susan’s explanation, reassurance and professionalism led to excellent experience of using the ages and stages questionnaire for the first time. The parent feels more reassured and enjoyed the active participation in assessing her child’s development.

Janette Simm and Julie Rigby, Nursery Nurses in St Helens

Janette and Julie have delivered training to the health visiting teams in St Helens around the introduction of Ages and Stages developmental screening tool. The training was delivered in a professional and informative way. Both members of staff worked extremely hard to put together and deliver the training and this needs to be recognised.

Paula Derbyshire, Health Visitor in Wigan

A complement had been received from a client in relation to their child’s health issues. They contacted the service seeking advice and support from ‘our’ Health Visitor when their son was approximately 45 months old. Paula was so supportive and worked so hard to ensure they had access to all the relevant services and support.  Paula did more for their son in the space of a few weeks than any other health professional had since his birth. They were so grateful to Paula and hope that this service continues to grow in order that other children like their son can benefit from such specialist expertise and genuine compassion”.

Julie Broughton, Louise Gettings and Margaret Gorst, School Nursing Team in Runcorn, St Helens and Widnes

The following plaudit was received from a parent. “The allergy nurse team has been invaluable in terms of support and advice since our two sons were diagnosed with nut/ peanut allergies. We have been particularly grateful to them recently for helping us to handle a worrying situation at school where we thought that our boys had been put at risk. They have provided us with support and given the school advice on how best to keep the boys safe at school. These nurses not only provide support to families but to the wider School Nursing team so it would be good for them to know we appreciate all their extra effort and hard work!”

Carol Williams, Health Visitor in Wigan

Carol is a health visitor and practice teacher, supporting student health visitors and trainee community practice teachers. Carol is always approachable and an excellent team worker within our team. Alongside support students and her role as a health visitor Carol has written children’s books to promote public health messages to the children and families within the community.

Pat Bannon, Health Visitor in Runcorn and Widnes

Pat has earned some well-deserved praise for her excellent work with a family who commented “we feel that we have had an excellent service from Pat”

Midwives in Runcorn and Widnes

Midwifery Service began training in November 2013 to implement a new IT system to the Midwifery Service which was previously paper based. This system went live in April 2014 at a time that coincided with staff reduction due to long term sickness and two members of staff leaving the service. The midwives have coped with this transition and the reduction in staff in an admirable way continuing to deliver the full remit of the service in a quality and timely manner whilst being flexible with their working hours, days off and annual leave.

Atherton Health Visiting Team in Wigan

A newly qualified health visitor would like to say a massive thank you to all members of the Atherton health visiting team. They are a wonderful team who work together. On a daily basis there are different situations that arise and each and everyone one of them has nurtured her through the first 10 months as a health visitor. Offering, support, guidance and sometimes just a listening ear. I am extremely grateful for all their help and feel they all deserve to be acknowledged as Stars of the Month!

Sharon Swift and Carla Butler, Health Visitors in Wigan

Both Sharon and Carla presented an overview of the New Born Observation Training at the Health Visitors Professionals Meeting. The presentation was concise, thorough and encouraging as it was delivered with enthusiasm, passion and emotion.

Ruth Singh, Health Visitor in St Helens

Ruth has committed a lot of time and work to develop a training programme along with the Specialist Health Visitors for Maternal Mental Health. A conference for practitioners and training dates are organised for October and November for the HV service. Ruth is passionate about delivering quality care around maternal mental health and its promotion to practitioners.

Adult Services

Eleanor (Nel) Mcnicholas, Assistant Team Leader and Nicola Hanson, Community Staff Nurse in Runcorn and Widnes

Nel contacted a patient after being informed by one of her team that they were concerned about the patient and that they required a GP visit but the patient had refused a GP visit. The patient agreed to a GP visit after speaking with Nel and she arranged the visit. The team received a phone call from the patient’s wife shortly after saying the patient had collapsed at home. Nicola attended the patient with Nel. Nel had instructed the wife to call 999 and they would come straight out. On arrival the patient was unresponsive, and had blue lips. They started CPR, the paramedics were delayed due to road being blocked by a delivery van. The paramedics asked Nel and Nicola to continue CPR until they arrived having to find an alternative route. Both Nel and Nicola continued with CPR for 20 minutes. The paramedics were able to resuscitate the patient who was responsive on transfer to Warrington Hospital. The patient is recovering at Warrington Hospital. The paramedics praised both Nel and Nicola, stating they had saved the patient.

Sara Black, Hayley Grimes, Jane Galloway, Angela Middleton, Cheryl West, District Nurse Co-Ordinators in Warrington

Whilst covering for the clinical manager, the five co-ordinators rose to the challenges and continued to manage the Community Nursing Service in Warrington going over and above what is usually required of them. They ensured that the service was undisrupted by the manager’s absence and ensured that all the relevant reporting responses were met whilst ensuring continuity of the service and that the quality of care provided to patients remained of a high standard.

Carrie Denning, Community Connection Point Personal Assistant in St Helens

Due to sickness and reduction in staffing levels Carrie found staff to cover almost immediately. She worked tirelessly and continuously until she found the type of staff who were willing to help. She has demonstrated professionalism, innovation, she is patient centred and honest and efficient.

Vicki Lawrence, Community Phlebotomist at Newton Community Hospital

Vicky has recently returned to work and has really jumped back into her job, she is extremely enthusiastic to come to work and shows it within her duties, she has taken on some extra responsibilities that benefit all the community phlebotomists and we all appreciate her extra efforts within her job since she has returned to work.

Brian Kirwan – Community Matron and District Nursing in Widnes

Brian shows care, compassion and empathy which he demonstrates to his patients on a daily basis and the professionalism he dedicates to his role. He has been particularly supportive of new staff members to the trust and has afforded his vast knowledge and experience base to help then settle in.

Corporate Services

Wendy Burton, Service Improvement Senior Manager in St Helens

Wendy demonstrates all of the values of the Trust and has been instrumental in service re-design and team building initiatives in the Specialised services directorate. She has worked above and beyond the call of duty – in terms of her personal investment of time and expertise, as well as her support and insight into challenging situations. Wendy has both integrity and exceptional skills including a great approach to identifying, managing and positively shifting tensions within teams; progress would not have been made with the teams without Wendy’s unwavering input and support.

Steven Unsworth, Finance Assistant in Wigan

Steven is always helpful with any queries on our internal finance system. He goes out of his way to try and resolve any issue you may have in a pleasant and professional manner and nothing is too much trouble for him.

Liz Tetley, Susan Whitney, Anne Headington and Anne Summers, Grappenhall Administration Team in Warrington

The team are a constant support to the 0-19 team of Health Visitors and School Nurses at Grappenhall whilst also managing a busy clinic, which has a vacant caseload.
They have a happy to help attitude and nothing is ever too much trouble and they never make us feel like we are being an inconvenience. They always present a happy persona whatever situation they are in or however busy they maybe. They are an invaluable asset to our service.

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