Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for December 2014

Bridgewater’s shining stars this month include a School Nurse who was awarded the Queens Nurse Award, a ‘Health Visiting Hero’ and a Data Migration Administrator who has gone the extra mile on a major patient record’s project.

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of Month include:

Adults Services

Stars of the Month

Julie Griffiths, Sue Lightfoot, Paula Peacock, Kerry Austin, Lynne Peters, Jo Barnfield the Clinical Service Managers covering Podiatry, ICES, LTC, Wheelchairs, OCATS, MSK & CATS

For on-going and consistently high performance in delivering the HR indicators, PDP’s, Mandatory Training and Safeguarding within their varied teams. A number of teams have not had formal Team Leaders which has necessitated the Clinical Service Manager’s undertaking a lot of the work themselves, alongside their busy and challenging day job.

Lynne Peters a Clinical Service Manager at Newton Community Hospital

Leading and managing a range of challenging situations within one of the Wheelchair services. Ensuring that staffing gaps were covered, significant performance issues were addressed and managed, to ensure patient safety and service quality remained paramount. Her work in addressing performance issues, achieving new KPI’s and the production of new quality reports to the respective CCG, has also been acknowledged and praised by the Commissioners.

Pam Pemberton, a Specialist Services Team Leader, Sue Davison, Julie Griffiths and Lesley Freeman, Clinical Services Managers

At the recent meeting, the Warrington CCG was pleased to receive the impact reports we’ve submitted. A new member of the team described them as being of utmost interest that offered a real insight into the patient’s journey. As such it was agreed we share them in the CCG bulletin to showcase our work.

Janice Dudley, Veronicas Monks, Helen Heaton, Phlebotomy Nurses in Warrington

The nurses work very hard and provide an efficient effective phlebotomy service to the community of Warrington. The nurses can see up to 250 patients per day within the 6 hour clinic session provided Monday-Friday. On a daily basis numerous service users comment on this fantastic service.

Marie Ryan an Administrator in St Helens

Marie was nominated due to her professional, kind, considerate manner when speaking to patients. Many patients who phone Open Mind are in distress upset and crying. Marie has a good understanding with patients who are upset and knows how to make the patient feel at ease. At times Marie has gone beyond her duties and provides a helpful professional service to patients and colleagues. Marie is an excellent administrator communicator and a credit both to Open Mind & Bridgewater.

Debbie Walters, Jeanette Beck, Janine Roberts, Rebecca Currie, Mel Molloy, Sarah Halls, Tracey Gallagher, Assistant Team Leader, Community Staff Nurses and HCA in Halton

The team at Peelhouse Plaza have worked together in delivering quality patient care in the community whether that be in the patients home or in treatment rooms. They support each other and myself on a daily basis with a smile and compassion for everyone they come into contact with. I am proud to be their team leader and feel assured that the profession we represent is represented to a high degree.

Carol Bonati and Viv Sayer, Community Staff Nurses in St Helens

These two nurses attended a Palliative Patient who on arrival had haemorrhaged and sadly passed away. They dealt with the situation professionally and with compassion to the family who were present. It was a traumatic situation to be in and they still had to carry on with their 12 hour night shift.

Stephen Robinson a Clerical Officer in Warrington

The District Nursing Team have nominated Stephen as an asset to their team and nothing is too much trouble for him he is an excellent team player and customer focused on helping in any way he can. Always willing to help and very conscientious.

Children’s Services

Stars of the Month

Sarah Logan, a School Nurse in St Helens

Sarah is being awarded the Queens Nurse Award, recognising her exceptional work. She will receive her award in London.

Dawn Ryan, a Health Visitor, Wigan

Dawn was nominated anonymously as this month’s Health Visiting Hero. The following nomination was submitted: Dawn is committed to putting the needs of her clients first and is always willing to go above and beyond to meet their needs. Dawn has a special interest in postnatal depression and her role as PND champion has seen her support colleagues in this area by providing invaluable training updates.

Helen Aspinall, an Assistant Practitioner in Wigan

Helen organised a health promotion activity for all of year 7 children in a local high school. Helen organised the resources (having to make some of the resources), put together a team to support the delivery of smoking and its effect on the body to make the young people fully aware of the effects. Feedback from the young people was extremely positive.

Cathy Mcginn, a Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children in Warrington

At the recent meeting, the Warrington CCG was pleased to receive the impact reports we’ve submitted. A new member of the team described them as being of utmost interest that offered a real insight into the patient’s journey. As such it was agreed we share them in the CCG bulletin to showcase our work.

Sharon Sayer, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Wigan

Sharon was one of the top top non-medical prescribers for the number of entries she completed in the recent clinicians audit. Sharon’s name will be listed in the audit report and her effort and participation will be recognised at future NMP meetings. Sharon is also forward thinking in ensuring this is delivered this to the highest standard.

Carlene Baines, a Named Nurse Children In Care in Wigan

Carlene always demonstrates a child / young person centred approach to her work. Recently a young person in care told another young person who was new into care that Carlene “is the best person to have working with children in care and the best professional I have working with me”. Carlene is obviously thought of very highly by this young person. Well done Carlene!

Michelle Nicholls, a Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children in Wigan

Michelle received a letter of thanks from the North West Ambulance Service – Community Resuscitation Team. The letter thanked Michelle for delivering a workshop at the Community First Responders Training Day. The letter reads “the professionalism of the overall event together with feedback both during the day and subsequently speaks volumes at what a huge success the event was.” The letter goes on to thank Michelle for the key role that she played on the day in preparing and delivering the workshop and stated that this clearly contributed to the success of the day. What is truly amazing about Michelle is that she did all of this in her own time which is to be commended. Well done Michelle!

Janis Gilpin, a Speech and Language Therapist in Widnes

Janis has led a service improvement initiative in part of the SLT service. This has involved piloting the implementation and delivery of a new therapy approach to children with complex needs. The approach is innovative and centred around the children’s communication needs. She has changed her day off and altered personal child care arrangements in order to accommodate additional training to staff and parents to ensure a whole environment approach to supporting the children. She has inspired and supported other members of the team to undertake the approach and endeavour to make it work in a school which has been challenging to work with in the past. This is an excellent piece of work.

Corporate Services

Joan Lythgoe, a Data Migration Administrator in Warrington

Joan has gone the extra mile for the last few years on first of all Paris projects and then SystmOne projects.  Many of these projects required complex manual data migrations. Joan’s hard work, tenacity and dedication ensured that each migration happened on time, all road blocks were cleared and that data quality was improved (even though timescales were very tight).  Joan has inspired other temporary staff who joined this project to achieve these levels of dedication too. To some, the records would have just been data, to Joan each one was a patient that truly mattered.

Vikki Morris, Head of Equality, St Helens

At the recent meeting, the Warrington CCG was pleased to receive the impact reports we’ve submitted. A new member of the team described them as being of utmost interest that offered a real insight into the patient’s journey. As such it was agreed we share them in the CCG bulletin to showcase our work.

Steven Unsworth, a Finance Assistant in Wigan

Steven is extremely helpful, polite and courteous. He is always very happy and nothing is too much trouble.

Specialised Services

Bernadette Fenney, Stephen Budworth, Darren McCue, Rachel Cook, Eva Lynch, Louise Taylor, Ruth Shaw, Joanne Clarke, The Traniee Health Trainers Team in Wigan

The Trainee Health Trainers have studied and worked hard to gain their City and Guilds Level 3 Health Trainer Award. All have now gained this certification and are working in the local communities to improve the Health and Wellbeing of people living within Ashton, Leigh and Wigan. Congratulations to all the team

Clare Askins, Helen Mccoll, Karen Evans and Linda Stirton, Care Home Support Nurses in Warrington

Always supports catheter team when extra help needed in order to provide essential patient care, professionally and efficiently.

Karen Evans a Care Home Support Nurse in Warrington (Nominated Twice)

Whilst visiting a patient in a care home Karen noticed that the pregnant nurse she was speaking to had a problem with her eye with her pupil being dilated. She insisted that the nurse was seen by a Doctor on the premises who referred her to the hospital and she was transferred to Walton for scans and further assessment. She was showing signs & symptoms of a stroke but the nurse is now back to work and the problem is said to be due to her being a premature baby.

Yvonne Hughes and Dionne Carroll from the Health Improvement Team in Wigan

Yvonne and Dionne have supported the Trainee Health Trainers through the last 12 months to gain their City and Guilds Level 3 Health Trainer Award. Well done and thank you for all your hard work.

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