Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for March 2015

Our stars this month including a physiotherapist who come to the aid of a patient who suffered an epileptic fit during a routine home visit, a community nurse who was an inspiration to a student on a placement in complex care and a community stroke nurse who has been commended for maintaining service delivery during a period of a severe short fall in staffing due to sickness.

Stars of the Month March 2015

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of Month include:

Adult Services

Employee of the Month: Louise Long, a Physiotherapist for the Rehabilitation Service in St Helens

Louise was reviewing a patient’s ability to manage the stairs in conjunction with the patient’s wife at their home address. Louise was facing the patient, in front of him as he was at the top of the stairs. She observed that he began to slur his speech.

Louise attended to the patient as it became evident he was having an epileptic fit. The patient was unable to continue standing, therefore she lowered him onto her knees and then onto the floor. At this point during the fit, the patient bit his tongue and began to bleed profusely.

His tongue was falling back into his airway and he was experiencing respiratory distress.

Louise performed a head tilt/jaw thrust and once his airway was maintained, she positioned him in a recovery position (on hemiplegic side) due to environmental restrictions. She simultaneously asked his wife to ring 999 for an ambulance.

The fit lasted approximately 10 minutes. When the ambulance arrived, they administered suction to clear airway and supplementary 02 as patient had low sats.

A full history was given to paramedics. The patient was stabilised at the scene and he regained consciousness. Louise stayed with the patient and his wife until he was taken to hospital. Whilst the team do see very complex patients, observation of epileptic fits of this nature is rare. Louise as a physiotherapist acted promptly and professionally.

Beryl Abbott , a Community Stroke Nurse in Widnes

Beryl has worked incredibly hard to maintain service delivery during a period of a severe short fall in staffing due to sickness.

Beryl has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and compassion for the patients in her service and support for colleagues which has been greatly appreciated.  Beryl really has gone above and beyond any expectations of her role.

Mike Fulford, a Community Nurse for Complex Care in Wigan

Mike has been a mentor to Darren Forshaw and over his placement with the complex care team. Mike in particular has been an inspiration to Darren in his first placement. The way he supports the clients of the service and their families and carers is excellent and this is reflected in the sense of relief when they see him arrive for visits.

He is an excellent listener and always seems to make people feel at ease. Every person who talks about him says how reliable and trustworthy Mike is.

Jayne Dixon, a Podiatrist in Wigan

Jayne is always open and honest with patients explaining what treatment they are having and why. She gives patients information on what they can do to help with any problems they may be experiencing. The patients respect her, and her professional and caring attitude.

Catherine Gallagher, an Ear Care Nurse in Wigan

Catherine has used her initiative and sourced an alternative supplier of ear specula which will provide an overall savings of £2,844 to the service every six months.

Joshua Tusan, a Volanteer Worker in Warrington

Joshua is a volunteer with the community equipment stores, brought to us through social services. He works three days a week and has been with us from 2008. He assists on the post run and carries out small duties in the stores.

Joshua is a valued member of our team. In the time that he has been with us he has been off sick once with a broken foot he is a cheerful boy and he is some one that brings cheerfulness to the team on a daily basis.

I think that Joshua deserves this award and more.

Children’s Services

Single Point of Access CAMHS Team, Clinicians and Administration in Wigan

Reduced waiting times in Single Point of Access CAMHS from 8 – 10 weeks to 2 weeks despite higher than contracted referral rate.

Carol Rowlands – Clinical Lead for Family Services in Widnes

Excellent work towards the Bridgewater Quality Account around improvement in the quality of services for the forthcoming year.

Specialised Services

Sarah Baybutt, a Learning Disability Nurse in Wigan

Sarah has been instrumental in building and maintaining the momentum of the two year AQuA Shared Decision Making project.

Her enthusiasm and commitment to the project and application of the learning is fantastic and as a result we have been able to continue to progress the project and overcome some of the obstacles. Sarah is positive, thoughtful and tenacious in her approach – she is really deserving of this award.

Corporate Services

Amy Longshaw, a Trainee Business Accountant in Wigan

Amy is really very helpful, conscientious, efficient and always available to help you with any issues you may have, she always replies to any correspondence in a quick and efficient manner.

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