Local health services available this Winter

This page will help you make good choices about which health services to use this winter.

There are a range of health services on your doorstep and choosing the right one will ensure you receive the best possible treatment, allowing busy services like A&E to concentrate on helping those most in need. This is particularly important during the winter as the fall in temperature means a rise in heart-attacks, strokes and breathing problems.

So if you have a cough, cold, upset stomach or the flu this winter remember you will save yourself time and money by visiting your local pharmacy or getting help and advice online at www.nhs.uk.

What local services are available to me?

  • Self care – for the majority of people, common complaints such as an upset stomach, sprains, strains and aches, cough or sore throat will start to clear up without the need for treatment or a GP appointment within a few days. Find out more about self-care at www.nhs.uk.
  • NHS Choices and NHS Direct – if you’re feeling unwell, you can get expert help online at www.nhs.uk. You can also call 111 for advice on emergency and urgent care.
  • Local pharmacy – for face to face advice on common complaints such as upset stomachs, colds and flu and general aches and pains talk to your pharmacist. Visit www.nhs.uk o find your nearest pharmacy.
  • Your GP Practice – if you have an illness or injury that won’t go away or is getting worse or you have concerns about mental health and sexual health visit www.nhs.uk to find your nearest GP practice..
  • Walk-in-Centre– get urgent attention for non-life-threatening conditions such as infections, rashes, fractures and lacerations, emergency contraception and advice, stomach upsets, cuts, bruises, burns and strains. The contact details for local walk-in-centres are:
    • Leigh Walk-in-Centre, Leigh Health Centre, The Avenue, Leigh, WN7 1HR – 01942 483453.
    • St Helens Walk-in-Centre, The Millennium Centre, Corporation Street, St Helens, WA10 1HJ – 01744 627400.
    • Widnes Walk-in-Centre, Health Care Resource Centre, Oaks Place, Caldwell Road WA8 7GD – 0151 495 5000.
  • A&E or 999 is for the treatment of serious accidents, serious burns, breathing problems, heart attacks or strokes. Find your nearest A&E at www.nhs.uk.

Families with young children

Young children are often ill.  In most cases it’s not an emergency. If you’re not sure call 111 or visit your local pharmacy for advice.

Please remember A&E is for serious health issues such as choking, chest pain, blacking out, blood loss and fractures.

People with long term conditions

You can talk to your GP or your local high street pharmacy about what do if you catch a stomach bug, cold or flu – a personal care plan will help you if your health changes. A&E should only be used for emergencies.

If you’re living with an underlying health condition such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease or if you’re looking after someone with health problems or recovering after a stay in hospital; there is a free online resource that you can use to organise care and support amongst friends, family members and neighbours visit www.rallyroundme.com.

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