Bridgewater Stars of the Month – September 2019

Bridgewater Stars of the Month – September 2019 Web Slider

Tamara Brinksman, Children in Care Specialist Nurse, Warrington

Awarded for: Innovation

The Safeguarding Lead Nurses were proud to receive such positive feedback at Warrington and Halton’s Clinical Quality and Performance Group, regarding a member of Warrington’s Safeguarding and Children in Care team, Tamara Brinksman.

Warrington’s designated nurse shared both her own comments and also feedback she had received from the local authority.

During Warrington’s recent Local Authority Children’s Services inspection, in the absence of both Tamara’s line manager and their manager, was faced with multiple requests for information to support the inspection.

Tamara’s detailed and timely responses provided contributed to the local authority being awarded good for Children in Care services by Ofsted.

Rebecca Reynolds, Right Start Team Leader, Oldham

Awarded for: Innovation

Rebecca works tirelessly in her support of staff and the wider service using the electronic patient record on S1.

Rebecca is constantly looking at new processes in order to enable staff to be more efficient in their management of child records. Rebecca offers one to one training for staff on request and is developing a further training programme in partnership with the IT training team to enhance staff knowledge and competence with the system.

Rebecca takes responsibility for data cleansing and overseeing “tasks” and “scanned documents” for the whole service.

The nomination described Rebecca as “truly amazing, both in relation to her energy, enthusiasm and hard work but also in relation to her kindness and compassion supporting those staff whose knowledge and skill is less developed”.

Thorn Cross Prison Health Staff

Awarded for: Patient centred

The Healthcare received positive feedback from the Governing Governor around the service they provide at HMP Thorn Cross.

The Governor felt that the team always do their best to meet the needs of the patients at HMP Thorn Cross.

Congratulations to all!

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