Bridgewater Stars of the Month – August 2019

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Alison Farrington, Catheter Care Nurse, Warrington Specialist Services

Awarded for: Patient centred

Alison visited a patient who was unwell and showing early signs of Sepsis. Alison recognised that the patient needed hospital admission.

The patient refused to be admitted to hospital – despite being very unwell and Alison spend time talking to the patient providing reassurance resulting in the patient agreeing for Alison to phone an ambulance.

Alison waited with the patient till the ambulance arrived, during the time Alison continued to reassure and support the patient.

Being aware of the early warning signs of sepsis due to training made it easier for Alison to become aware of what to do and how to treat to reduce the risk of more serious complications.

Adie Richards, PEF, Education and Development Team, Corporate Services

Awarded for: Kindness and compassion

Whilst travelling home from her holiday there was a young family is need of assistance on the aeroplane.

Adie immediately went to see what the problem was, and it was a 12 month old baby who was choking. There were people already trying to dislodge the object from the child but with no success.

Adie took action and using her nursing skills and having recently refreshed her resuscitation training, she managed to dislodge the object which was blocking the child’s airway. Adie stayed very calm throughout the ordeal, and reassuring the parents.

Without Adie’s quick actions the consequence’s would of been very different.

HMP Wymott Health Team

Awarded for: Team Work

The Team were nominated for dedication for the improvements made over the past 6 months. After a poor CQC inspection the team have worked together to achieve a much improved inspection.

Retention of staff, due to the environment is always difficult, but the team have dedicate their free time to ensure the service is safe and to support colleagues.  All this has contributed to the service receiving an improved CQC inspection and the quality of care has improved.

Medications are being delivered on time, wounds are being assessed and treated within a timely manner and also reviewed when required. Staff has been on further training in their own time in order to help improve the service and also provide a high standard of care.

Dressings where a downfall last year, however staff have undergone training in compressions, wound care and dopplers in order to provide the highest standard of care. Dressing clinics have been created in order to ensure patients are not missed and can be rebooked onto a clinic for their next dressing change.

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