Bridgewater Staff Stars of the Month – December 2019

Stars of the Month - December 2019

Christopher Tindall, Oldham Right Start & School Nursing Team

Awarded for: Patient centred

Christopher was nominated for his excellent customer care skills, the way in which he treats each visit to the centre as individual by calling them by their name all in a friendly and professional manner.

He is kind and caring to the families that visit the centre and gives proves a high quality service to all professionals and clients walking through the doors at Spring Meadows Children’s Centre.

Christopher has had a positive impact on the atmosphere of the centre.

Gail O’Corrall, District Nursing, Halton

Awarded for: Kindness and compassion

Gail was nominated for her fast thinking when dealing with the discharged patient.

Gail contacted the relevant services and professionals to ensure the patient was receiving the correct care.  She remained with the patient to ensure he was safe

Gail went above and beyond what is expected from a district nurse.  She works extremely hard to maintain, promote patient safety, delivering high quality patient care and an excellent role model for junior staff.

Stacey Reade, Community Dental Nurse Ashton Under Lyne Primary Care Centre

Awarded for: Kindness and compassion

Stacey was nominated for selflessly giving up her time at Christmas to support the Life Share Voluntary Organisation who support the homeless and vulnerable people of Manchester and Salford.

The Life Share Christmas project provides a warm safe and welcoming environment with entertainment along with cooked food/clothing/toiletries/ medical care and advice.

Stacey collected donations in and out of work to take to life share, the items that she collects are clothing/toiletries/sleeping bags/scarves/shoes/bags/rucksacks.

Stacey has the support of all her colleagues when collecting the items.

Warrington West Integrated Community Team

Awarded for: Patient centred and team work

The Team were nominated for showing professionalism and compassionate working while caring for end of life patients in the community, they work hard as a team and always show that they have time to listen to patients and families and offer the support that is needed.

The team have receive many compliments and make the west district nurses  a fabulous team to work with.

The team all work together to make sure that our patients receive the best care possible, nothing is too much for them.

The team go above and beyond their duties and ensure that all patients are looked after and visits are completed to the highest standard.

Garth Prison healthcare team

Awarded for: Team work

Garth Prison health services

The team were nominated on how the team work together to support each other with kindness and compassion.  The team have supported their colleagues going through difficult times by showing that they are supported and a valued member of the team.

They have formed stronger working relationships to ensure the team can continue to provide patient centred care in a safe environment, working in pairs and checking on each other’s welfare.

The team have developed the way in which they communicate messages by creating individual pigeon holes, and increase positivity by leaving chocolates and inspiring messages for each other in the pigeon holes.

Having such a caring team around you ensures you can remain positive and professional in even the most stressful of situations.