Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for September 2018

Halton and Warrington

Immunisation Team, School Aged Children in Warrington, Warrington 0-19 Team

The Warrington Immunisation Team has demonstrated fantastic team work and hard work, evidenced by the coverage of vaccinations delivered.

Jacqueline Smith,  Admin Manager, Offender Health, HMP Risley, Warrington

Jackie has helped us all so much with the introduction of the smart card and is always happy to help. Jackie has also worked so hard to help us get our screening programmes up and running. Jackie is lovely to work with and is so supportive in every way.

Jenny Rowles, Learning Disability Nursery Nurse, Child Development Centre, Warrington

Jenny is a nursery nurse in the Specialist Learning disabilities team. She took the ownership to act on a case of a child who greatly concerned her and showed some signs of emotional abuse/ neglect after she had done an observation. She then gathered further information and brought the case to group safeguarding supervision.

Jenny trusted her instincts and recognized that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and appropriate sharing of information needed to occur in order to ascertain if there was further evidence of safeguarding and a referral to needing to be made.

This has now been escalated and has turned into a very complex case where the children will be safeguarded by CSC.

Well done Jenny for acting on your initiative and having the professional curiosity to question what was happening in this child’s everyday life.

Joanne Johnson and Jacqueline Jack, Community Immunisation Nurses, Warrington

 A young person completed a Talk To Us feedback form following attendance at an immunisation clinic held at Bath Street. The Young person commented that they themselves were very nervous.

The young person wrote about Joanne and Jackie saying “the nurses were really kind, helpful and understood my fears. They made me feel calmer”

This comment sums up what Joanne and Jackie do every time they come into contact with a young person requiring a vaccination.

Their approach enables anxious young people to go through with having their vaccinations, providing protection against vaccine preventable diseases.

Julie Dobson, Health Visitor, Child Health 0-19 Service, Penketh Health Centre, Warrington

Julie has remained child focused in a difficult complex safeguarding case. Although a stressful situation for a practitioner she has remained professionally and advocated for the voice of the child.

Julie Jackson, Administrator, Speech and Language, Health Services at Wolves, Warrington

Julie has been working so hard to complete all admin jobs in a timely and professional manner. She is extremely helpful, efficient and supportive. Thank you and well done Julie.

Lisa Williams, 0-19 Clinical Public Health Nurse Specialist , Immunisation, 0-19 Service, Warrington

Lisa has led the Immunisation Team in Warrington from the initial set up last year. The Team has gone from strength to strength, the commitment and hard work is demonstrated through the fantastic immunisation figures reported to NHS England.
Lisa is extremely hard working, professional, Patient centred and a credit to the service and Organisation.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Community Response Team, Wigan Adults, Wigan

The Community Response Teams commenced in August with  North West Ambulance Service amber deflection into community. This promoted the efficient use of community services instead of conveying to the hospital.

In the first two weeks a 143 less ambulances went to the hospital compared to the same time period as last year reducing the impact upon acute services.

Bolton Dental Team, Lever Chambers, Bolton

The dental team have worked hard in preparation for the Care Quality Commission inspection.

Diane McGrory, Dental Nurse, Ashton Primary Care Centre, Ashton-under-Lyne

 Diane has gone above and beyond to help a member of the general public outside clinic in the car park delivering CPR in a medical emergency and supported until the emergency services arrived.

Louise Simpson, Operations Manager, Dental Network, Wigan

Louise has made a massive positive impact to Bridgewater Dental by improving staff morale, efficiency, and cost cutting measures. She is very approachable, friendly, honest and nothing is too much trouble even though she is looking after 21 sites.

She has supported and been there for staff through the recent Care Quality Commission inspections and shown amazing leadership, professionalism and kept us all sane!!

We just want to say a massive thank you from all the staff within the East Sector!

Lucy Bibby, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Orford Jubilee Park, Warrington

Lucy has shown a high standard of patient centred care on all visits she has completed in the district nursing team. Lucy has only been with the team less than a year and has grasped the complexities and the focus of Bridgewater.

She is professional in her manor and the level of her documentation is exceptional. She works hard within the team and empowers other staff members. I feel she needs some recognition for her continuous hard work and patient care.

Nadine Miller, Dental Officer, Union Street Clinic, Hyde

Nadine has gone above and beyond to help a member of the general public outside in the clinic car park delivering CPR and supported the emergency services.

Nadine Miller, and Diane McGrory Dental Officer and Dental Nurse, Union Street Clinic, Hyde

Nadine and Diane were proactive when an ambulance was noticed in the car park, they asked the paramedics if they required help and promptly advised to start CPR on a female aged 70, both demonstrated and carried out CPR. Followed intermittently with 2 separate shocks, CPR was delivered for a considerable time.

The above named persons also supported the husband, daughter and distracted the ladies grandchild in a supportive kind and empathetic manner.

Nichola Maloney, Clerical Officer, Children’s Therapy Service Wigan

Nichola is always efficient in all she does.  Nichola is very caring open and honest with staff and patients. Nichola is very flexible and approachable.

She is very diligent at her job and ensures work is completed within the time scales. Nichola is a great team player and goes above and beyond her banding, by stepping up when other colleagues are absent.

Renata Zadlo, Administrator, School Nursing, Medlock Vale Children’s Centre, Oldham

Renata has joined the service from another organisation during a period of redesign. She has taken on a completely new role (new both to her and the service. She has both supported other team members and new staff, whilst maintaining a very efficient and professional manner.

She has high standards and is willing to learn about her new role. She is honest when she needs support and is a role model to her colleagues, and is always willing to disseminate her knowledge. She is well liked and respected by all members of the school nursing team.

Stockport Dental Team, Community Dental Services, Kingsgate, Stockport

The dental team have worked hard in preparation for the Care Quality Commission inspection.

Tameside Dental Team, Community Dental Services, Tameside

The dental team have worked hard in preparation for the Care Quality Commission inspection.

Tom Smith, Senior Physiotherapist, Wigan

Tom has recently taken over the hydrotherapy pool.  He is so good with the patients, some are quite apprehensive and unsure, but he explains everything fully and in a fun type of way so they are relaxed and more willing to give things a try.

He goes beyond the extra mile if it is needed as has happened just recently with a poorly patient. He is patient, caring, encouraging and understanding and because of this gets the best outcome for his patients.

Trafford Dental Team, Community Dental Service Trafford

The dental team have worked hard in preparation for the Care Quality Commission inspection.

Wigan and Leigh Dental Team, Community Dental Services  Wigan

The dental team have worked hard in preparation for the Care Quality Commission inspection.

Health and Justice

HMP Garth Dental Team, Leyland

 The dental team have worked hard in preparation for the Care Quality Commission inspection.

HMP Wymott Dental Team, Leyland

The dental team have worked hard in preparation for the Care Quality Commission inspection.


Adam and Bev

Adam Britton, Web Manager & eCommunications,  Bevan House

Adam always goes the extra mile to help us with all our PGDs, web updates and bulletins. Nothing is too much trouble and we as a team (medicines management) really appreciate this.

Bev Lowe, Communications supports Officer Bevan House

Bev organised the Staff awards this month. It was a brilliant day and flowed well . It was obvious how much hard work Bev had put in to it. Well done Bev.

Simi Mahato, Alison Yeow, Sinead Watmough, Jack Hardman and Amelia Ruddick, EPD Support Team, Education and Professional Development, Wigan

The Education Professional Development team have work extremely hard over the past few months and have remained professional under extreme pressures of Care Quality Commission reports, training reports and transfer to new learning management system.

They have all contributed to new ideas on how to get key messages to staff and have always answered queries by staff in a timely manner and have gone the extra mile when deadlines have needed to be met. They are efficient at dealing with training course bookings and are open and honest when dealing with enquiries from staff. They have maintained the quality of their work despite times when team members have been missing due to absences or sickness.