Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for October 2017

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Amy Wright, Cath Evans, Angela Black, Midwifery Halton  and UCC Widnes

Halton midwifery service were the first maternity service in Cheshire and Merseyside to launch the ‘baby box’ initiative in conjunction with the ‘Improving Me’ programme under the umbrella of the Vanguard for maternity services.

Angela as the team leader has lead on this initiative and has ensured a successful first year. Amy and Cath run a weekly session with the women to discuss the box, the benefits of enrolling, and distribute the box and its contents to the women.

They were recently featured in a BBC news item to launch the box in other areas across the footprint a year on from its successful launch in Halton.

Carly Dhillon, Health Visitor- 0-19 Service – Warrington

Carly is a newly qualified Health Visitor who recently received glowing feedback on her professionalism, enthusiasm and overall positive attitude from a couple of sources.

Margaret Rowlands who works for the Complex Families Team in the Local Authority, reported how impressed she was with Carly in her engagement, her ability to identify safeguarding issues and how she presented as knowledgeable in her role alongside her awareness of partnership working.

Cathy McGinn, Named Nurse, described Carly as being curious and keen to learn as a student. She continued to say how pleased she was to see her enthusiasm for the role and that she is an excellent role model for Health Visiting with our partners.

Clare Askins, Debbie Bostock, Jackie Harrison, Suzanne Ishaque, Baren Shija, Intermediate care team – Warrington

 The nursing team have really worked well together over the past few weeks to deliver quality patient care.

The Specialist Nurse Assessors are regularly called out into crisis situations requiring them to deal with complex medical, health and social care.

They have managed these efficiently and effectively without losing sight of the patient at the centre.

As individuals they are highly skilled assessors, who are caring and compassionate and together they make a ‘Star Team’.

Daniel Bousfield , Senior Clerical Assistant ,Dermatology, – Warrington

There has been role changes within the Department which has resulted in complex changes in rotas on System One.

Daniel has worked outstandingly hard in doing this and ensured all clinics still met service needs and gave suggestions of improving patient sessions in other ways.

Sharon Geering,  Nurse, Intermediate Care – Warrington

Sharon is a great support to both patients and colleagues alike.

She is willing to support all band 5’s to help them gain confidence and become better nurses.

Sharon goes above and beyond in her role as band 6 and keeps Padgate House to the high standard it is.

Chloe Percival,  Administrator, Single Point of Access , – Warrington

Chloe, who supported the service by working above and beyond to direct patients and health professionals to the relevant services.

Chloe needs recognition for her hard working approach and support in keeping the Single Point of Access service supported.

 Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

All School Health Team Staff Nurse’s, 5-19 Health & Wellbeing Service – Bolton

Within the Bolton 5-19 redesign the Staff Nurses are adopting a different way of working across the Bolton School Health Teams in relation to the extended Safeguarding element of their ‘new’ role.

Their enthusiasm in engaging in shaping the Safeguarding Awareness Day and their commitment to attending demonstrated their passion for getting Safeguarding the Children of Bolton right

They shared ideas for further support for themselves, inter team and LEAN working, and developing the service’s whilst keeping the children, young people and their families central to their outcomes.

Anthony Mannion, Pamela Toole, Paula Kirby, Susan Harris ,Tracey Ollerton,  Walk  in Centre/Minor Injuries Unit – St Helens

Assisted saving the life of a man who suffered a cardiac arrest with the Walk in centre/minor injuries unit.

Immunisation Team, Bolton 5-19 – Bolton

The team recently worked with Public Health England to immunise children.

They showed a high level of professionalism and caring and were praised by school staff and Public Health England.

The school commented ‘You guys were all amazing and made the whole process much faster ‘ and public Health England commented ‘ Thanks again for everything still in awe of how smoothly it went! ‘

Joanne Taylor, Team Leader, Health Outreach Inclusion Service – Wigan

Jo is always happy to support the team and encourages innovation. She has worked tireless to bring the team together, always supporting new ventures directing and encourage the team with confidence to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Kim Watts, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, – Wigan

Kim takes the lead with the day to day management of Assistant Practitioners within the Learning Disability Service. With her support and leadership she has driven the Assistant Practitioners forward within the service, thus developing our role.

Margaret Brabiner, Occupational Therapist, Community Learning Disability Team, – Wigan

Margaret has been working with a young man over the past several months.

Whilst working with the client it became apparent that his family had major problems.

The family are living in desperate conditions housing wise.

Margaret has gone way beyond working directly with the client and has facilitated a multi-agency approach organising Social Services involvement, help from the GP and involvement from the Community Health Development team.

Things are slowly improving for the family but there is still along way to go but having Margaret involved ensures that the family will receive support.

Sarah Muir, Physiotherapist, Children’s OT/PT Team – Wigan

Sarah received a compliment from a family who commented on her expertise and dedication to addressing the physiotherapy needs of the child.

The comments included: ‘Sarah is so professional…Sarah kept me informed at every stage and explained what she was trying to achieve.

Sarah shows all that is good in the NHS and she is an asset that should be rewarded.’

The team are so proud of Sarah, she goes above and beyond for every patient. This is just one example of her expertise and the care that she shows.

Jan Gay, Clinical Dental Officer,  and Bernie Sherrington, Dental Nurse – Wigan

A lady with sever learning disabilities and autism has required some dental treatment for at least a couple of years, however due to her high anxieties it has not been possible to deliver treatment in the usual way.

Thanks to Dr Gay and her team along with the acute trust reasonable adjustments were made which enabled this lady to come into hospital and received much needed treatment under a general anaesthetic.

The ladies parents are very grateful to both trusts for all the time and effort that has been invested to enable this lady to not only receive treatment but for it to be a better experience for her as well

The Parallel Team, Adolescent Nurses and Clerical Team – Bolton 5-19

The Parallel team have all worked very hard and to a very short deadline to assist in contributing to the Annual report and commissioner’s Quarterly reports.

The team have completed this and other on-going projects alongside providing their usual high standard of clinical work and I believe they deserve the award for “going the extra mile”.


Karla Rimatis, Talent for Care Programme Facilitator, EPD –  Wigan

Karla has supported a staff member and shown great care. Compassion and motivation during completing her care certificate, to develop trust and support staff member.