Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for November 2018

Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for November 2018

Halton and Warrington

Hayley Lack, Staff Nurse, Intermediate Care, Warrington

Hayley has shown true professionalism throughout her time as a qualified nurse having qualified only two years ago.

She has offered and shown support to colleagues and patients  showing compassion and empathy.

Hayley is a valued member of the team at Padgate House and is always willing to cover shifts in accordance with the needs of the service.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Alison Pywell / Alex Clarke / Louise Young , Volunteer Co-ordinator / Senior Administrator / Health Visitor, 0-19 service, Oldham

These three members of staff are our amazing Oldham staff engagement champions and are full of inspiration and energy!

Constantly thinking of new and fun ways to bring us all together. They have also produced the first fabulous Oldham LIA newsletter !!

Alison Pywell, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Right Start and School Nursing, Oldham

Alison consistently displays positive, supportive, creative, family and community focused, and professional behaviours.

Always happy to support teams in whatever way she can. Alison is flexible, proactive and shows real leadership qualities. We are incredibly fortunate to have Alison in the service

Alex Wild, Health Visitor, Right Start Team, Oldham

Alex is a very organised team member and shown excellent organisational qualities during my space assessments and her record keeping completion of my space template is excellent, Alex is now providing training to the wider team on my space completion.

Amy Graham,  Adolescent Health Nurse, The Parallel, Bolton

Amy is leading innovation with her work around the use of EPR in the Parallel. She has been very supportive and is sharing her expert knowledge with her colleagues.

Catherine Buckle, Health Visitor, 0-19 Right Start Service, Oldham

Catherine shows dedication to providing both pre-registration and post registration nurses with an excellent learning experience.

Catherine demonstrates a professional and supportive manner and is always willing to support other members of staff.

Charlotte Mansell, Health Visitor, 0-19 Right Start, Oldham

Charlotte has recently shown one of the Associate Directors around on a visit and undertook home visits with her.

The comments from the Associate Director were very positive and it would appear that she enjoyed her time with Charlotte who spoke about the 0-19 service in a positive way and raised points for moving the service forward.

Charlotte showed she is a positive and exemplary member of the team who ensures a quality service to all her clients.

Debra McGiffen, Health Visitor, Right Start, Oldham

Debbie has shown outstanding leadership skills in supporting new staff and student health visitors, she has demonstrated a high level of knowledge, patience, mentorship skills and reflection.

Debra is a valued member of our team as well as our social secretary.

Evonne Prior, Assistant Practitioner, District Nursing, Wigan

Evonne was asked to look at a resident with dementia in a local care home (Montrose) where we have a number of patients.

The patient was anxious about her ‘babies’ health who are actually dolls and Evonne reassured her.

The patient was worried that her babies were ill, this was causing the patient distress. Evonne checked her ‘babies’ and the patient was reassured.

Evonne was compassionate and responsive to the patient’s anxieties and needs.

Francesca May, Prison Nurse, Health and Justice, HMP Hindley, Wigan

 Francesca came to the aid of a member of maintenance staff who had a heart attack.

Gemma Holdsworth, Lead Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Family Health Lifestyles, Bolton

For putting children and young people first. Being tenacious and completing the NCMP Procedure.

Gill Baxter, Health Visitor, 0-19 Service, Oldham

Gill is retiring after 30 years in the NHS.

All staff at Royton Shaw and Crompton would like to wish her well and thank her for all her hard work and dedication to the families that she has supported over the years.

Gill will always go that extra mile to ensure that her clients receive a quality service. She is compassionate and understanding of their needs.

The service and the community will miss an experienced and skilled member of the team. We wish her good luck and good health in her retirement.

Jo Mayall, Infant Speeding Specialist, Right Start, Oldham

Jo has developed three fabulous videos for parents providing information advice and support regarding these will be available on both the trust and OBC website.

These are just one example of the amazing, professional, creative and family focused support Jo offers to Oldham women.

Karen Meadon, Assistant Right Start Practitioner, 0-19 Service, Oldham

Karen has demonstrated enthusiasm with pre and post registration students. Providing them with knowledge of the Right Start interventions.

Karen is a very supportive member of the team who is supportive to new members of the team.

Nicky Shepardson,  Assistant Right Start Practitioner , 0-19 Right Start Service, Oldham

Nicky demonstrates an enthusiasm with students, providing them with knowledge of her role.

Nicky is a committed member of staff who is supportive of new members of the team.

Pamela Urmson, Health Visitor, Practice Teacher, Right Start Service, Oldham

Pamela is a highly respected and valued, passionate health visitor and practice teacher in Oldham.

Pamela recently received exceptional feedback from her specialist practice student that  needs formal recognition.

The student stated ” Pam has been an outstanding source of support to me over the last year.

She was so organised and supported me with both my placement and academic studies when I felt overwhelmed with the pressure.

Nothing was ever too much and I felt I could be very open with her”

Rashida Khanom, Health Visitor, Right Start, 0-19 Service, Oldham

Rashida is an experienced health visitor with the Beever Right start 0-19 team.

On Tuesday 30th October Rashida was asked at very short notice if a Director could go on a home visit with her.

Rashida willingly took the Director out on two visits and was able to share how the Right Start model was working in Oldham.

The Director reported that she had found the morning very informative and Rashida’ s passion for health visiting and the service was evident.

Teresa Walmsley, Manager, Single Point of Access, Wigan

Teresa recently helped out in the department when she helped with the pick up one colleagues daughter which enabled the patients to be seen with delay.

The Healthy Schools Team, Public Health and Wellbeing Coordinators,  5-19 Years Service Coordinators, Bolton

Working as a team to support schools in the development of their school health profile and co-ordinating the 5-19 years’ service in the delivery of training to meet the health needs of the school.

Health and Justice

Tazeem Akhter, Prison Nurse, Health and Justice, HMP Hindley, Wigan

Tazeem came to the aid of a member of staff who had a heart attack.


Adam Britton, Web Manager and eCommunications Bevan House

Adam has help the 5-19 years’ service to develop a video Annual Report to demonstrate the work that the service carries out with children, young people and their families.

This will be presented to the commissioners.

Jenny Garden, Communications Manager Bevan House

Jenny put together our fantastic video for the flu campaign that has gone down brilliantly with our Bridgewater staff.

She produced a script and got services, colleagues, patients and children involved to produce a superb video on how our staff can protect themselves and their patients, families and friends over the winter period by having their flu jab.

It is a really innovative and fun video that really gets the message across.

Adele Grundy, Systems Configuration Team, Spencer House

Adele has spent weeks updating all service referral criteria documents to include the information required to meet the Accessible information needs for patients attending our services.

This has been a huge job and Adele has just cracked on with it, ploughing through a massive list of letters and transforming them to accommodate the needs and data merge fields.

Some of the original document were in very peculiar formats and required a total rebuild and Adele just got on with the task in hand without a complaint.

She is a great member of the team.

Lynda Richardson, Board and Committee Administrator, Bevan House

Lynda has maintained a high standard of board and committee processes alongside a time of phenomenal change for the team over the last 6 months.

She has managed the transition from Chair to Acting Chair to New Chair by providing calm and efficient PA services to each of them whilst maintaining the significant workload associated with running the Board and its committees.

This has been really stressful and at times emotionally draining but Lynda has managed to remain professional and positive despite the challenges.

Agnes Cunliffe,Project Officer , Bevan House

Agnes provides an efficient and highly focused service, always looking at ways to improve ways of working.

She has introduced innovations at the same time as learning a new element of her role in sometimes stressful and always confidential settings.

Her ability to anticipate what will be required and ensure it is provided, to committee chairs is impressive and highly efficient.

She has faced challenges in introducing new ideas but has managed this with grace and has usually prevailed by persuading others of the need for change.

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