Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for November 2016

Our super staff stars this month include an Advanced Practitioner who identified an serious medical case and arranged for the patient to have the urgent operation that they needed, a Community Staff Nurse who performed CPR on a patient that had a cardiac arrest giving them a chance of survival and a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who is continually striving to improve the service to ensure that the children and young people who she works with receive the highest quality care…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Stars of the Month for November 2016 East

Alison Redford, Advanced Practitioner MSK Cats – Wigan

Rather than leave this to someone else to sort out, Alison stayed at work to ensure every patient was personally contacted by telephone to explain that their appointment unfortunately had to be cancelled and re-arranged due to surgical emergencies.

She identified an urgent case that had spinal cord compression on MRI scan and needed to be seen sooner than the next clinic that was available.

She arranged for the MRI scan images to be transferred to the Walton Centre so the consultant could view them and contacted the consultant via email to ask whether he can see this patient earlier given his presentation.

The consultant agreed that the patient needed to be seen sooner and will need an urgent operation and he agreed to see the patient in his clinic at the Walton Centre this week.

Alison is a credit to the service and the organisation and we could all do with more Alison’s.

Carla Butler, Health Visitor – Wigan

The service has received a compliment from a mother in regard to Carla.

The mother described how Carla had supported her through a difficult time and how this support had made a difference to her and her family.

The mother acknowledged how Carla had made extra time for her in recognition of her needs giving her the professional help that she needed.

Emma Lawrence, Paediatric Occupational Therapist – Wigan

Emma is continually striving to improve the service and ensure that the children and young people who she works with receive high quality care.

Emma’s commitment and dedication to the service was exemplified when heavy traffic struck most of Wigan a couple of weeks ago.

Aware of an appointment with a child and family that Emma needed to get to, Emma went above and beyond to ensure that she didn’t miss this appointment and let people down. Emma left the queue of traffic, parked her car up and ran quite a considerable distance to ensure that she got to the appointment.

Helen Aspinall, Assistant Practitioner, School Health – Wigan

Helen deserves a star of the month because at a few days’ notice, she was asked to support hand washing health promotion assemblies for a full week, in one of our local high school, in a key preventive piece of work.

She immediately changed her commitments and embraced the request. Her commitment and enthusiasm was exemplary.

Hindley Health Visiting Team: Helen Hart, Lesley Roberts, Joanne Swift & Tracey Catterall – Wigan

The team caseload is very demanding and challenging but the team have dug deep, kept going and continue to get everything done all the while maintaining high standards of quality.

Mary McGarry, Clinic Clerk, Support Services – Wigan

Mary is an ambassador for the support service and represents at all times the ethos of the service.

Staff in our Health Visiting Team have all commented at various times on Mary’s dedication and cooperation to assist us whenever needed.

Siobhan Lyons, Triage Nurse, GP Out of Hours Service – Wigan

Siobhan is an excellent coordinator and Leader. She is hard working and always goes above and beyond expectations to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

She has also been a constant source of support to her team and line Manager during service redesign and more recently to help to ensure that the service is compliant with working time directives.

Susan Moorst, Senior Administrator – St Helens

Sue used her expertise to create an immediate solution to a work problem that was put into effect immediately and which was also suggested to other work colleagues which has now made their roles more effective and efficient.

Her team would like to say thank you to Sue for taking the time to do this. It has made their job so much easier.

Boston House Health Visiting Team: Sharon Swift, Gemma Fletcher, Joanne Milligton, Kelly Holland, Ann Shallicker & Andrea Martin – Wigan

The team has been depleted lately due to staff sickness and maternity leave, however, the team’s key performance indicator figures were fantastic this month, achieving 100% in all but one area. Well done!

Platt Bridge Health Visiting Team: Shelagh Howarth, Dianne Bates, Claire Roper & Melanie Rothwell – Wigan

The team deserve recognition for putting the needs of the clients before their own.

The staff mentioned have really gone out of their way to keep everything going through a period of winter sickness and have rearranged and cancelled days off and annual leave and have made sure that all clients’ needs have been met and standards have been maintained.

Tier 2 Respiratory Team – Wigan

Team leader Trish Darley and the whole team have worked extremely hard during very challenging times and performance requirements.

They have worked tirelessly to improve the efficiency of the service so as not to detract from the quality of the patient’s journey. All the team have gone above and beyond organisational expectations and really do deserve some recognition for this!

Tina Prescott, Senior School Health Care Assistant – Wigan

Tina is very proactive in her work place. Tina constantly encourages innovation and is very professional in her approach. Tina is a very organised individual and plans her work efficiently to achieve maximum performance.

Elaine Muskett, Secretary/Administrator, Community Paediatrics & LAC Service – St Helens

The St Helens Community Paediatric service achieved the RTT target of 18 weeks from referral to treatment for the first time since Bridgewater took over delivery of the service in November 2015 and for the first time in several years for the children and families in St Helens.

Elaine was instrumental in this achievement. Elaine’s determination to succeed, efficiency in how she has organised the tasks involved, caring and empathy has been nothing short of inspiring.

The service would not be achieving this landmark success without her involvement. 

Halton and Warrington

Stars of the Month for November 2016 West 2

Alex Makin, Speech Therapist – Widnes

This is just a small amount of help but I was impressed that she took the time out to help an elderly man who was confused in Health Care Resource Centre in Widnes about where to go. He stopped Alex and asked for help and even though his appointment was nothing to do with her she took the time to take him back from an upper floor to the ground floor reception, just an example of how kind and compassionate she was to a service user.

Damian Kusek, Rehabilitation Assistant, Community Neurosciences – Warrington

Damian has become a key member of our team regularly receiving compliments from patients/families as well as other professionals.

He is efficient and completes all delegated tasks in an efficient manner, and is regularly proposing new ways of working to ease the delivery of services to patients.

Gamela Burke, Nursing Auxillary, District Nurses, Warrington

Gamela is an excellent nursing auxiliary who always goes above and beyond the expectations of her role. In recent weeks, Gamela has assisted in the absence of a team leader with the day to day running of the team, ensuring patient visits do not get missed. The team would really struggle without her!

Gemma Garner, District Nurses, Warrington

Gemma was said to be an amazing mentor and a great role model over a student’s time working with Gemma on her placement in the community.

She has a great rapport with patients and always goes the extra mile implementing the 6C’s in all aspects of her work.

Single Point of Access, GP Out of Hours and Extended Hours, Out of Hours District Nursing teams – Warrington

Each service embraced the relocation and acceptance of working closely with services, joint working practices to assure best practice patient care.

The move to Bath Street has been a full team approach on multi agency event.  For patients the move as been seamless with no disruption to service provision all teams should be proud of their achievements

Sue Holden,  Admin and Clerical Team Leader, Warrington

For the support and co-ordination of the Bath Street Services which enabled the relocation of Single Point of Access, GP Out of Hours and Out of Hours District Nursing.  They could not have made the arrangements without Sue’s support.

Stars of the Month for November 2016 West

Tracy Whitford, Clinical Specialist Vulnerable Families – 0-19 Service,Warrington

Tracy has been invaluable in the organisation and delivery of the 0-19 service launch. Tracy has gone above and beyond, visiting clinics, clients and other community locations to video the service in action for a promotional video.

She has worked out of hours and showed great tenacity and commitment in the organisation of the event.

The event was a great success and show cased all the amazing work delivered by the new integrated 0-19 service.

Vicky Jones, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Warrington

Vicky attended a patient for a routine dressing change. On arrival the patient appeared unwell and shortly afterwards collapsed and went in to cardiac arrest.

Vicky did CPR until paramedics arrived and on their arrival the patient had some cardiac output. Vicky acted professionally and used her skills to try to resuscitate the patient.

The paramedics stated that Vicky had done exceptionally well and had given the patient a chance of surviving.


Adam Britton, Web Manager & eCommunications, Wigan

Whilst recently organising the Warrington 0-19 launch event Adam was knowledgeable, patient and extremely helpful in helping to edit and organize with all the video clips for the event.

The team had 13 clips to complete demonstrating the 0-19 integrated service at the launch event for the partners in Warrington and these videos brought the services to life for the delegates attending the event, there were numerous positive comments from delegates about the videos and this was due to Adams skills in editing them, he kept me calm and supported the organiser.

He was generous with his time and never made them feel that they was an additional chore. Thanks so much Adam.

Anita Buckley – Performance Information Analyst, Haydock

Anita has been highly supportive of children’s services, in particular St Helens Community Paediatrics and Audiology. She she provided the guidance, training and help to address any issues the services had.

As a result, any information problems were resolved in a timely manner and this has made a great difference to the teams.

Dean Eyre and Joshua Eckersley, Technical Architect/Field Support Engineer, IT Services, Warrington

Dean and Joshua assured the operational development and support including voice recorder telephone and IT installment for Single Point of Access, Out of Hours and evening and night District Services.

Assuring the services were safe effective and efficient and operational following their move.

Chris Starkey, Administrator, Estate and Facilities, Wigan

Assured safe and effective move of Single Point of Access, Out of Hours and evening and night District Services to Nath Street in Warrington with little distress and superb assistance at every level.

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