Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for June 2016

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Stars of the month June

Anne Finney, Clinical Manager, Community Nursing, Wigan

Anne has been committed to supporting the District Nurses throughout the preparation for CQC. She has put on her uniform and been out to see lists of patients putting to one side her Managerial and Leadership role, doing this in her own time along with giving up her weekends to work in extra Ear care clinics in an attempt to reduce the waiting time for patients who need ear irrigation.

Paula Topping, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Connection Point, St Helens

Paula was determined to maintain the service to patients, which she successfully did by working considerable extra hours, above and beyond the ‘norm’. She worked professionally and efficiently, using the support available in order to maintain the service and prevent hospital admissions where appropriate. Paula is a credit to the team and to Bridgewater.

All Staff, Single Point of Access, Call Centre (Bookings), Wigan

The Team deal with cancellations of clinics and booking appointments. They deal with a lot of upset and angry patients who are desperate to be seen but they efficiently put them on waiting lists and even contact patients when cancellation slots come up to try to get them in early. All whilst booking appointments, for every other service. They are always polite and professional and I think they deserve a boost and should be stars of the month.

Teresa Walmsley and the team of Single Point of Access
(Claire Johnson Lee Jennings , Angharad Wheatley,  Victoria Connell,  Sharon Silcock,  Christine Thorpe, Carole Hebden ,Jen Clark (Ode) Susan Clark, Gillian Pennington  Kathryn Allan, Emily Webb)

This superb team have gone above and beyond helping the District Nursing Service to manage the appointments for the Ear irrigation Service who are a part of Community nursing.

They are always professional, happy calm and cheerful every single one of them and they go above and beyond their role.

They are an excellent caring and conscientious team and are a shining example of efficient and effective team work and a valuable asset to Bridgewater.

Wigan Family Nurse Practitioner Team
(Sue Cross, Julie Tinsley, Paula Johnson,  Sarah Rhodes, Nikki Marsden, Rebecca Wadeson , Jeff Ahmed,  Cath Creed and Joanne Hill)

The commissioners and service users who were present couldn’t have been better advocates for this service. They are compassionate caring and innovative in their practice.

They engage well with young people. This is shown in the fabulous outcomes the service has achieved in the 2015-16 performance indicators. The service is performing above the national average for FNP teams in England.

Gillian Sharples, Personal Assistant, Community Nursing Wigan

Gillian has managed the agency, bank and additional hours for community nursing at Wigan. She is efficient and works well with the team coordinators to identify when additional staff support is required to enable patient demand to be met. She effectively manages competing demands across the teams to ensure the service is safe and patients continue to receive high quality care

Kate Swankie, Community Staff Nurse, Wigan

Compliment letter received from a patient thanking Katie for her excellent attitude in the care and integrity she delivers in her role as a district nurse. She is always reassuring and displays excellence and wanting the best for her patients. The letter states that she is a credit to district nursing and the nursing profession as a whole

Angela Branch, Health Visitor, Wigan

Angela is a breath of fresh air. She is open, honest, upbeat, and fair and is an outstanding, excellent thoughtful, supportive, caring, professional Health Visitor. She demonstrates excellent leadership skills, listens to her colleagues and makes sensible suggestions to find solutions in difficult circumstances.

Emma Vickers, Health Visitor, Leigh

Emma should be recognised in the organisation as she has shown great resilience.  She has shown empathy and great team work, supporting her colleagues with her EPR knowledge and demonstrating excellent organisational skills to still maintain high standards of health visiting and being an active Champion as the blood spot link.

Jayne Heyes, Health Visitor, Wigan

We have received two Talk to Us forms this month from clients who name Jayne specifically for her fantastic support that she has given them. These are their comments:

“I feel I can always ring Jayne in between visits for advice, she is very friendly and helpful I don’t know what I would have done without her”

“Jayne has always been extremely helpful and informative”

Well done Jayne!

Julie Hersnip, Health Visiting Administrator, Health Visiting, Wigan

Julie has gone the extra mile to help the team undertake a data quality exercise involving over 10k unassigned health visiting referrals. By completing this process Julie has enabled the EPR “tasks” to become more effective and efficient for the HV service. The team would like to thank Julie for her enormous commitment and hard work.

Susan Kinsey, Community Nursery Nurse, Health Visiting, Wigan

Sue has the absolute rock she has been for the health visiting team. Dedicated and committed to providing excellent service provision for her families. Sue always has a smile in good and difficult times which makes her so approachable for staff and families.

Tracy Shaw, Health Visitor, Health Visiting, Leigh

Tracy used the 6C’s to guide her in saving a two week old baby’s life by having the care to listen to the mothers concerns, to have compassion for the baby and realise there was an abnormality. The courage to have a competent conversation with the Paediatrician and use to use effective communication skills to have the baby referred to the hospital which shows her commitment to do her best for her families, demonstrating the organisations strap line quality first and foremost, at every contact she undertakes.

If Tracy had not had used her high level assessment skills, knowledge and effective, decisive decision making this baby would have died as it was found to have a diagnosed cardiac disorder. Once it arrived in hospital, not long after Tracy’s visit and referral, it suffered a cardiac incident. Luckily, this baby was in safe hands in the hospital and was well managed and the baby survived and is now at home.

Emma Pocock, Community Nursery Nurse, Health Visiting, Wigan

Emma has demonstrated motivation and enthusiasm with an integrated community project that will benefit children and their families.

She has attended multi agency meetings and projected positivity. Emma has also been took the lead and been efficient in ensuring all staff within the locality are registered and completed the essential steps for hand hygiene ahead of CQC.

Halton and Warrington

Anne-Marie Rees and Joanne Japp – Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy – Warrington

Anne-Marie and Jo have been extremely professional at all times and integrated themselves quickly into their teams.

They have made (and continue to make) a significant contribution to the efficiency of our services and have even suggested new ways of working which have further improved some of our processes, always with a focus on what is best for the families that we work with.

Audiology Team Warrington

Polly Waring was nominated for a star of the month and was honoured to receive the award, however as part of a team she could not have achieved this without the team working together.

The team always goes above and beyond to ensure patients are treated promptly and with respect and dignity. They share ideas for more efficient working practices and have added in extra clinics to assist with clearing the backlog of patients we have currently and we rely on the support of each other to achieve the success that our service is.

Caroline Smalley, Health Visitor, Warrington

Caroline was nominated for this award for her contribution to a recent safeguarding inspection with the CQC. Due to a change in the CQC’s schedule on the day Caroline was required to discuss and present to an inspector a number of complex.

She took the task on with confidence and displayed a high level of professionalism throughout, resulting in positive feedback from the inspector.

Christine Jones, Therapy Assistant, Community Falls and Rehab Team, Warrington

Chris is a professional and efficient member of our team.  Chris demonstrates excellent communication skills when speaking with patients and strongly supports the daily running of our office and clinical staff especially with administrative duties.

No job is too small and she is a cheerful person which helps with staff morale they really value your efforts.

District Nursing Teams Halton
(Cathie McCoubrey, Runcorn, Liza Mitchell,  Runcorn, Anuska Tringham, Runcorn, Julie Maddocks, Runcorn, Karen Lewis, Widnes, Lynn Hoyland, Widnes, Sarah Halls, Widnes, Cath Bellis,  Widnes

They have all provided cross cover, frequently moved bases to ensure service delivery and continuity of care. They worked additional hours and covered extra weekends at short notice and demonstrated true professionalism.

They have also embraced the upcoming CQC inspection to showcase the hard work and quality care they provide.

Gillian Hankinson, Healthcare Care Assistant, Dermatology Warrington

Gill has been a credit to the Department in preparation for CQC visits – she has worked above and beyond – even coming in early, going home late and taking work home with her to do – an absolute star.

Rachel Evans, Health Visitor, Runcorn

Rachel attended the home on a six week old baby and saw her with her young mum who had declined a visit. On arrival, mum raised concerns regarding baby who had been unwell. Presentation of baby raised concerns – lethargic, sleepy, not feeding, coughing, vomiting.

Rachel accompanied the mum to urgent care centre, and supported her to explain her concerns. Following assessment was transferred to hospital via ambulance and has remained in hospital with whooping cough. Mum was very appreciative of the support from the health visitor.

Wei Lu, Paediatric Phlebotomist, Children’s Community Nursing Team, Warrington

Taking blood specimens from children is often a challenging.  Wei always demonstrates a high level of professional care and remains calm and reassuring to children and parents when handling difficult, and emotional situations.

She is efficient and effective in her role and there has been letters of commendation received from other staff and parents who have recognised her care and compassion and willingness to go above and beyond in delivering her service.

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