Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for February and March 2016

Children's Star of the Month March

Stars of the month for February


Leah Bradley Health Visitor – Warrington

Leah has recently supported a family who have sadly lost their baby suddenly.

She has acted extremely professionally and with compassion when dealing with other professionals involved and when meeting with the family.

Leah is committed to her work and her families.

Beryl Abbott Community Stroke Nurse – St Helens

During a time of long term sickness when this small service was under great pressure to deliver care, Beryl stepped up to keep the quality of patient care at the highest standard, and delivered in a timely fashion.

All Clerical and Clinical Staff at Bolton School Health – Astley Hill, Great Lever & Little Lever Health Centre’s Bolton

Bolton School Health Service recently transferred to Bridgewater and although there have been a number of hiccoughs and staff have experienced highs and lows in morale, the teams have supported each other and continued to deliver a Professional Patient Centred Service as efficiently and practicably possible taking considering the inevitable changes and the challenges they have encountered, and continue meet head on.

Michelle Nicholls Named Nurse Children in Care, Wigan

Michelle has worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to create and develop a brand new team of Looked After Children’s nurses.

Her commitment and enthusiasm in ensuring the voice of our Looked After children and young people in Wigan is heard despite often difficult and challenging circumstances is inspiring.

Michelle has continued to successfully lead the team despite a reduction in staff levels, which has created a challenging working environment. She is passionate about ensuring outcomes for children and young people are positive but supports not only her own staff but other professionals to achieve this.

Nicola Thompson Health Visitor Admin Halton

Nicola shows initiative and works hard, she is forward thinking and adaptable.

She is always looking for workable solution to problems and is a great support to the health visiting team.

Paula Darbyshire Lead Nurse Children in Care, Wigan

Paula’s clinical experience and caring approach has enabled her to successfully engage and work with the most vulnerable and high risk children in care in the Wigan area.

Paula is always professional, has a “can do” approach to her work and is very resourceful.

She has managed to continue to provide an excellent service despite staff vacancies within the team. In addition to her own work she has covered the work on the vacant posts as well as inducting a new member of staff.

Paula Price Health Visitor, Warrington

Paula took Julia Carter commissioner for 0-19 service in Warrington for a day to show her the role and experiences of a health visitor, Julia fed back the following:

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the shadowing. I found them extremely beneficial. There is such a lot to cover in the visit! Paula was excellent in her delivery.

Penketh Health Visiting Team, including Health VIsitors, Staff Nurses, Nursery Nurses and Health Visitor Support Staff, Warrington.

The team have helped tremendously by keeping things ticking along smoothly. They have been very supportive towards whilst we have been learning the ropes.

The team are without exception, hardworking and dedicated, who support their families and each other through some very stressful times.

Sarah Logan and Catherine Hadland School Nurses – St Helens

Sarah and Catherine have recently done an extensive piece of safeguarding work which took up a great deal of their time and effort.

It was quite an emotive subject and at times this was met with some quite challenging obstacles but they perceived and as a result of their efforts five children are now safe from significant harm.

Susan Cook Community Nursery Nurse, Health Visiting, Wigan

Susan has volunteered to take on extra duties to help out another team in our locality who are currently under pressure due to some staff sickness.

Susan has supported the team by covering baby clinic and volunteering to support staff with home visits voluntarily. Susan has shown what a fantastic and reliable team player and someone we can always depend on.


Saskie Shelmadine, Admin Single Point of Access Service, Warrington

Saskie has dealt with numerous staff changes and a service being currently managed on agency staff. She is a font of knowledge and without her undoubtedly the pathways the service offers would have at times been undeliverable due to her knowledge of the flow of patients through the various services.

Her professional manner and politeness has never faltered throughout a very challenging time and she is a credit to Bridgewater.

Dr VanSpelding and Dr Price, Out of Hours, Wigan

Both doctors remained with a collapsed person in the Claire house pharmacy for 90 min when off duty due to delay in 999 ambulance attending assuring patient safety during a life threatening event.

Jeanette Clark, Sister, District Nursing, Wigan

Jeanette has recently become the district nursing sister over at Golborne and Ashton.  She has gone above and beyond in merging the two teams and is always willing to go the extra mile to help staff and patients.

Jeanette is very approachable and committed and strives to ensure a smooth and happy work place. Jeanette is a highly valued member of the team who continues to give support in work and in personal matters.

Although it has been a struggle merging two teams, going live on computers and excess staff shortages nothing is ever too much trouble.

Sharon Woods, Clinical Manager, Cancer & Palliative Care, St Helens

Sharon is the Clinical Manager for cancer and palliative care services but due to the long term absence of another Clinical Manager has agreed to also manage three continence teams, catheter team and stoma team.

Sharon is always calm, positive and supportive to others, she is reliable and always professional and influences behaviours with her ‘can do’ attitude

Jean Morris, District Nurse Coordinator, Community Nursing, Wigan

Jean agreed to move across to the Wigan locality from St Helens to lead the Boston House team on a trial period.

Jean moved to an area she had never worked in, at a time when the service in Wigan is under great pressures. Jean has embraced the change of area and has begun to establish herself in the new team.

Jean has decided after a three month trial period that she will stay in Wigan to continue to support the team and her peers. Her professionalism and commitment to the service is admirable, she is passionate about ensuring that patients receive the best care possible from a well led and supported work force.

Liz Lunt, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, St Helens

Feedback received from a patient:

Following a poor experience with the private sector, the patients reported he was reluctant to have District Nursing input, however, Liz showed empathy, compassion and knowledge during every visit and the planned care has had a significant and positive impact on his quality of life.

He reported her bed side manner was second to none. The patient was happy for his comments to be shared and supported this application for Star of the month.

Stars of the month for March


Helen Hart, Health Visitor, Wigan

Helen is a new member of the health visiting team in Wigan.

Following the monthly record keeping audit Helen’s record keeping is exemplary. All notes were comprehensive with clear care planning and evaluation and a thorough assessment of the new baby and its family.

Helen clearly represented the voice of the child within her records and has demonstrated high levels of professionalism and care through her work.

Julie Kara, Admin Support, Speech and Language Therapy, St Helens

Julie always goes above and beyond her role to ensure that patients and their families have a positive Bridgewater experience right from the start. She is polite, friendly and knowledgeable.

In the last week, she went out of her way to ensure that a referral that came via Community Paediatrics was redirected to the SLT service, offering a timely initial assessment appointment for the family, immediately reducing anxiety and ensuring a seamless experience.

She has also worked incredibly hard to produce the first edition of our newsletter which was circulated to all our stakeholders last week, with incredibly positive feedback.

Julie provides consistent support for all members of the team. She is always ready with an attentive ear and supportive word and we would like her to know just how much we value her.

Carol Roberts, Children’s Assistant Practitioner, St Helens

Carol’s professionalism and work ethic have been particularly impressive, during the set up phase of the new Community Paediatric Service in St Helens.

This has been a challenging service from the outset and Carol has been a constant source of support, both for families, and for her colleagues. She has taken on roles outside of her job description and has shown courage and adaptability.

Carol has a great sense of humour, and is excellent at managing relationships. She works hard to ensure that families get what they need and that issues are resolved for them, and has a kind and understanding manner. Carol’s calm and buoyant presence has been integral to the set up and running of the service.

Shelagh Howarth and Claire Roper, Health Visitors, Wigan

Due to staff sickness Shelagh and Claire volunteered to work late to cover the planned evening antenatal group at very short notice.

Neither had run this group before but were determined not to let the group down by having to cancel. The group was attended by 26 people! At the end of the session evaluation forms were given out and all comments and feedback was positive and complimentary. I want to say a big thank you to Claire and Shelagh for their professionalism, care and dedication to the HV service and our clients.

Jackie Kelly, Lyndsey Leatherbarrow, Angela Collier, Staff Nurses, Bolton

The Great Lever School Health Team Staff Nurses have been efficient and used their initiative in going the extra mile in offering support to other School Health Teams who are experiencing staffing level difficulties in the continuing delivery of Enuresis Service particularly to newly referred children and young people.


Vincent McDonnell, Speech and Language Therapist, Wigan

Vincent has been a perfect role model for me as a student in terms of his knowledge, the way he treats each individual as a unique person.

Vincent gives every client whatever time he can. He is very open and honest and will not beat around the bush. Vincent puts a lot of effort, time and passion into his career and displays great enthusiasm to learn new things and is very professional.

Susan Billington, Reablement Nurse, St Helens

During the visit the support worker became concerned as the patient was drinking a lot of water and complaining of feeling dizzy and was worried about her medication and in-haler. The support worker offered to ask Nurse Billington to visit re checking medication/inhalers etc.

Susan re arranged her diary so she could visit the patient on the same day.

The following day the Support worker visited the patient as part of her programme and the patient said she was happy that Susan had visited, and have explained to her some of reason why she didn’t feel too well and with the patient permission contacted her G.P and Pharmacist to review her medication.

The patient commented that Susan had a lovely personality and cared for her in a lovely way, nothing was too much. She asked the Support worker to thank Nurse Billington and to tell her she thought she was wonderful.

Tracy Marsh, Staff Nurse, Intermediate Care, Maple Unit

Tracy is our newest member of the team.  Tracy is extremely efficient and knowledgeable.

The team have experienced an unusual amount of stressful situations recently and Tracy never falters, she has a fabulous amount of resilience and exudes efficiency and professional values at all times.

The team have been faced with end of life care, which is a rare occurrence on Maple Unit. Tracy attended a chapel of rest, when we enabled a patient to visit his deceased wife. It was a very touching moment that we will not forget.

Tracy will go the extra mile and is loyal to colleagues.

Christina Cogan, Staff Nurse, Intermediate Care, Maple Unit

There are not enough words to express how proud and privileged we are to have Christina as a member of the Team at Maple Unit.

Chris continually has, not only the patients’ need at the forefront of her care, but also the relatives and staff alike. Recent there has been a number of overly stressful situations due to workload and Chris will ensure that she stays on the Unit until her work is complete.

We have received feedback, very recently from a relative, about her dedication, care and compassion.

Stuart Fry, Peripetetic Clerical Officer, Warrington

Stuart types up worksheets for district nurses as well as many other duties. Whilst trying to carry out this work he is constantly interrupted with “can I just have this workbook Stuart” or ” can I just have that” and he never ever complains just gives the books and waits patiently to get on with what he has to do.

He is a very patient young man.

Fiona Bremner, Adult Urgent Care Service Manager, Newton Hospital

Fiona is an excellent leader who consistently ensures services are well led and is always supportive and encouraging.

Fiona challenges and encourages us all, as clinical operational managers, to ensure that we remain patient focused, particularly where services have been redesigned. Fiona has supported us all to maintain our focus on patient care, whilst ensuring safe and effective service delivery within the current economic climate and financial constraints.

Fiona has challenged us all to be mindful of the ‘bigger picture’, to work effectively with our partners and to be innovative in the way we deliver clinical services, whilst maintaining quality , which have all contributed to the delivery of CIP.

Lorraine Hodson, Clinical Manager, Community Nursing, St Helens

Lorraine is the Clinical Manager for St Helens community nursing but for what will be a two month period has also been covering community nursing in Wigan due to the absence of the Clinical Manager and the IV Therapy team clinical manager.

Lorraine has addressed issues and problems in a professional manner and displayed great leadership qualities. Lorraine continues to demonstrate great enthusiasm to change practice to create efficiencies and ease pressures. She has high standards and encourages others to achieve them.


Dental Nurses Trafford

The Dental Nurses at Trafford are a great team and the service we should be proud of them.

Their dedication and ability to adapt under pressure to meet the needs of the service.

They have worked though on-going staff shortages and sickness and always been willing to take on extra responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the service.

It has been a privilege to be part of such a great team.


Dave Smith, Head of IM&T

Dave deserves the Star of the Month Award because he provided exceptional support to the commercial team. An example to illustrate this was on 4 March when he supported our team to submit a bid with extremely tight deadlines and no system network connection.

Dave always provides information on time and is always willing to offer support in any way he can. Dave is truly an asset to the organisation.

Stuart Hickinson,  IT Support Officer, Wigan

Stuart deserves a star of the month award because of his fantastic support during a network transfer.

Stuart was professional, efficient, and really helpful. He went above and beyond his job description.

Stuart’s efficiency enabled meant that work and agreed deadlines were met throughout the process.

Vikki Morris Head of Health Inequalities Inclusion & Equality and Ruth Besford Human Rights Project Officer, Health Inequalities & Inclusion, Bevan House

Vikki and Ruth are nominated for their important roles in the ‘Extending Working Lives’ research, a Medical Research Council funded project examining the implications for NHS staff to the recent rises in the pension age.

Vikki saw an opportunity for Bridgewater to be involved in the study. This resulted in Bridgewater being the only Community Healthcare Trust selected to take part, and our contribution to the findings will be fed into the NHS Working Longer Review and to the Department of Work & Pensions.

Ruth played a central role in advertising the study across the Trust, making sure interview rooms were available, and liaising with the researchers. Ruth’s input has helped us to make this our highest recruiting study for 2015/16, which has been recognised positively by the National Institute for Health Research. 

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