Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for August 2016

Our staff stars for August include a Community Matron who come to the aid of one of her dementia patient that needed urgent admission to hospital due to acute kidney failure, a Family Nurse Partnership Quality Support Officer who went above and beyond expectations to encouraging client engagement and Diabetes Nurse Educators who’s work with a patient inspired a poem that has been used to promote the service nationally…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham and Bolton

Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for August 2016

Admin Team – Community Paediatrics, St Helens

There is nothing that is too much trouble and they are willing to take on whatever it takes. Their support has been huge to their manager and they have made the service a viable one.

Amy Alexander – School Nurse, Wigan

Amy has been the mentor for a first year student and has gone above and beyond to help support learning arranging placement days and supporting academically. Amy has been extremely professional explaining the role of a school nurse in depth.

The knowledge and confidence the student gained from Amy has been invaluable and would they recommend this placement in the future.

Anne Finney – Community and Specialist Nursing, Wigan

For her contribution and response to requests for information from the On Call Manager during a live emergency planning exercise held on 14 July which was outstanding. Bridgewater’s overall response was praised by the Wigan Resilience Forum.

Catherine Gordon and Celine Tracey – Diabetes Nurse Educators, Wigan

A patient, who had attended the Desmond programme which Catherine delivers, presented her with a poem he had devised about the Desmond programme as a way of gratitude for what the course had done for him in helping him with his diabetes.

The poem is now being used by Desmond newsletter nationally to advertise Desmond and to promote the service.

Claire Regan – District Nurse Coordinator, Widnes

During the months of June and July Claire worked tirelessly to ensure the service ran efficiently. Claire, whilst extremely busy with regard to her role and it’s expectations, was still very supportive to the District Nursing team.

Claire is an excellent coordinator, leader and great support.

Dawn Willis – Specialist Nurse for TB, Wigan

Dawn is nominated for her important role in the ‘Inhaled Amikacin lung infection’ trial. Dawn has worked extremely hard over the last twelve months to identify eligible patients from her caseload onto the Trust’s first clinical trial. The study is supported by the National Institute for Health Research, and has very specific inclusion criteria.

Dawn is an excellent example of how Bridgewater colleagues engage in and promote research activity.

Faye Chadwick – Professional Development Lead Oldham, Oldham Right Start and School Nursing, Oldham

Oldham health economies were subject to an unannounced CQC inspection of safeguarding and looked after children’s services week beginning 1 August.

As the clinical manager was on annual leave, Faye stepped in and showed fantastic leadership, supporting the 0-19 teams in their contribution to the inspection. Faye also demonstrated her effective organisational skills and her exceptional communication / interpersonal skills with professionalism and sensitivity.

Oldham Right Start Health Visitors and FNP (Rebecca Reynolds, Ruth Ramsbottom, Faye Chadwick, Debra McGiffen, Sally Hamer, Sylvia Mills, JoannE Mayall, DIane Andrew and Kay Thomas) – Health Visiting and FNP Team Members – Oldham Right Start and School Nursing in Oldham.

Rebecca Reynolds, Ruth Ramsbottom, Faye Chadwick, Debra McGiffen, Sally Hamer, Sylvia Mills, Joanne Mayall, Diane Andrew, Kay Thomas all gave up precious “home” time on Sunday 14 August to attend Oldham health fest in Alexandra Park.

The team represented Bridgewater fabulously with a range of activities promoting sun safety, the importance of vitamin D in a child’s diet and the national healthy start programme. With just over a weeks’ notice the team pulled together to develop a range of summer themed activities which were very well received by over 100 local families.

A creative, professional and passionate group of staff!

Pat Latham, Paula Schofield, Helen Baines and Sara Adamson – Podiatrists, Wigan

This team has pulled out all the stops by covering during flex and annual leave swaps to ensure that high risk patient appointments have continued with minimum disruption. They have shown exceptional team spirit and putting the patient at the centre.

Suzanne McLoughlin – Nursing Assistant, District Nursing, St Helens

A regular patient was due to go off for a week’s holiday and need his dressing changed the morning before he went away. Suzanne changed these there and then for him the gentleman was able to go off on his holidays. Suzanne didn’t once hesitate in trying to find a solution and once she knew he had his dressing supplies.

Pauline Hoskyn – Head of Emergency Preparedness, Resilience & Response, Runcorn

For the efficient way she prepared staff for the live emergency planning exercise (Exercise Triton) held on 14th July. It enabled staff to provide high quality and detail information which was praised by the Wigan Resilience Forum.

Gill Smith – Administrator, Billinge Clinic, St Helens

Gill is always extremely professional, willing to help, and goes above and beyond to do so. Gill is an asset to the team and a very valued member.

Halton and Warrington

Cathy McGinn – Named Nurse for Safeguarding, Warrington

For Cathy’s contribution to the successful collaboration in securing resources for children in care.

Dianne Richarson – HCA Community Matron, Runcorn

Dianne has been nominated due to her support for one of our patients who has dementia. Our patient needed urgent admission to hospital due to acute kidney failure. The patient has advanced dementia and Dianne was caring and professionalism in the support given to our patient and her husband, it helped make a very traumatic experience much more tolerable for them.

Dr Natalia Bell – Speciality Doctor in Community Paediatrics, Warrington

For successful collaboration in securing additional resources for children in care.

Hayley Davies – Community Staff Nurse, Warrington

Hayley is very professional and is a credit to her team and colleagues, she deals with all issues in front of her she never complains ever, she is very patient focused and very efficient.

Hayley deals with all tasks given to her in a very professional way and is very serious about her work, and ensuring the work for the day is complete.

Janet Hanmar – Health Visiting, Warrington

Janet has supported a family with extensive complex needs. Janet has used her initiative and supported the identified goals for meeting the children’s needs.

The family have enjoyed Janet’s support and have developed a good working relationship with them, using excellent communication skills.

Julie Griffiths – Clinical Manager – Podiatry and Biomechanical Service, Halton

For her contribution and response to requests for information from the On Call Manager during a live emergency planning exercise held on 14 July which was outstanding. Bridgewater was praised by the Wigan Resilience Forum for the quality and level of detail supplied.

Community Practice Teachers – Health Visiting Team Warrington

As the health visiting cohort for 2015-16 a nomination for our practice teachers, Julie Dobson, Jayne Tennant, Wendy Gardener and Paula Wright for all their support ,particularly the training which they have provided across the trust for all health visiting students this year such as growth monitoring, ASQ training and the prescribing day.

This really supported theor practice. All four practice teachers have been inspiring and supporting through this and the team feel they deserve recognition for going over and above.

Rebecca Garner – Community Staff Nurse, Runcorn

Rebecca has been supporting students on placement within her team and applied professionalism and the values of the organisation in ensuring students are given maximum opportunity to achieve their learning outcomes.

In addition to her normal workload Rebecca goes out of her way to maximise learning, spending time with the students, liaising with University staff and ensuring that those involved at all levels with the student experience are accountable for their decision-making. She is making an outstanding contribution to shaping the professionals of the future.

Shan McParland – Named Nurse Safeguarding ,Warrington

For Shan’s successful contribution in securing additional resources for children in care.

Tarzeem Ahktar – Healthcare Assistant, Prison Healthcare,  HMP Hindley, Wigan

Taz is a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with. She always has a smile and is happy to help, nothing is too much trouble.

The prison can be a difficult place to work and is both challenging and demanding but Taz makes great effort to ensure she does all she can to help her patients and colleagues. Although she has a very busy role she always listens to patient’s queries finds answers/resolutions and then ensures this is fed back to the patients promptly.

She really deserves to be a Bridgewater star of the month as she is a definite asset to the trust.

Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for August 2016 HelenHelen Anderson – FNP Quality Support Officer, Family Nurse Partnership, Warrington

The team have been looking at ways of encouraging good client engagement. This includes making things and craft activities with clients.

Helen spent her own timing buying equipment and practicing the making so she could feed back to us a completed activity. She is always willing to go above and beyond her own role to support us in providing an efficient and high quality service.

At our recent annual review, Helen made a photo booth using our theme of a teddy bears picnic. She again did this in her own time, painting scenery and knitting food etc. The clients were offered photos with their baby’s and it was a resounding success.

Catherine Cocken, Jenny Butler, Pat Bannon, Suzanne McAdam and Shirley Halton – Family Nurse Partnership Team, Halton.

The commitment they have to delivering the family nurse partnership programme to the teenagers of Halton is amazing. As a new service we have been on a massive learning journey together and the passion they have shown to the role is recognised by agencies they come into contact with.

They support each other and are committed to the clients and provide innovative care which is resulting in real changes been made to the young people’s lives. Helping clients prepare for and to become responsive parents and to recognise their hearts desires and planning a future to achieve them. They are truly inspirational.


Anna Commander, Practice Manager, GP Surgery, Willaston

Anna has impressed on ow dedicated she is to her work. Anna is fully committed to providing first class service to the patients and totally supportive of her staff.

Anna has been an excellent team leader to the staff at Willaston GP Surgery over the last year. During her short time in the surgery she has continually encouraged staff and promoted the practice, always putting others before herself!

Anna has been so approachable, always has an open door policy and has really made the practice a fantastic place to work. She makes all the staff feel appreciated and worthwhile as well as the patients who visit the practice.

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