Referrals – Paediatric Continence Service in Halton & St Helens

Making a referralWho can access the service?

  • Nocturnal Enuresis (bedwetting) ages 5-19yrs: Start fluid programme, toileting strategies, care plans in school, issue toilet passes for high school, enuresis alarms issued and programme started, medication
  • Daytime wetting 3.5-19yrs: Start fluid programme, toileting strategies, ultrasound bladder scanning, urinalysis, uroflowmetry, medication
  • Constipation 0-19yrs: Start fluid programme, toileting strategies, abdominal examination, medication therapy – including disimpaction regimes, play therapy for toilet fears, rectal irrigation under direction of consultant paediatrician plus training for parents/carers and patients
  • Children who use catheters and/or who have stomas: Provide training for parents/carers/teachers to catheterise, ensure catheters are being used correctly, bladder scanning and urinalysis, liaise with Alder Hey and Whiston Hospital to ensure continuity of care
  • Children with special needs with delayed toileting – including Autism: 3.5 years to 19 years old: We require Health Visiting Service to refer, with details of their toileting support, before referral to our service. We work with schools and families to put individual plan in place, specialist nursery nurses working 1-1 in children’s homes with play therapy

How can people access the service?

Children/young people can be referred by anyone to the service as long as there is parental consent.

Referrals will often come from parents, GP’s, School Health, Health Visiting teams and school staff. We no longer accept self-referrals from parents.

On completion of a referral form, please fax or post this to the address below:

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