What is a Foundation Trust?

What is a Foundation Trust?

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Foundation Trusts are NHS organisations which are more accountable to local people and have greater financial freedoms to invest in local services.They remain firmly part of the NHS and are subject to its standards, performance ratings and systems of inspection.

Their primary purpose is to provide care to NHS patients. Foundation Trusts have unique governance arrangements which include members (public, patients and staff) and governors (elected by members or nominated by partner organisations).

For more information about what becoming a Foundation Trust means, visit NHS Improvement’s (health care regulator) website at https://improvement.nhs.uk/.

The Department of Health, NHS North West (Strategic Health Authority) and Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust have all signed a tripartite formal agreement (TFA) that confirms the commitments made by all three parties to enable the organisation to become an NHS Foundation Trust before April 2014.

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust Tripartite Formal Agreement Document *Please note that as this Tripartite Formal Agreement document was signed prior to the 31st May when the trust name became Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust, it contains reference to our previous name Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Response to Foundation Trust Consultation

View the full details, documents and our board’s response to our Foundation Trust Consultation.

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