Listening into Action (LiA) at Bridgewater

LiA logoListening into Action (LiA)

We launched the Listening into Action (LiA) programme in October 2014.

Listening into Action is a way of engaging and empowering our clinicians and staff around making improvements that will improve the care they give to our patients.

It is our staff that work every day, in a service or with services, that truly know where service improvement can take place.

The purpose of LiA is to listen to staff and support them to make the changes, removing any barriers so they can take the lead and contribute to the success of our Trust, and ultimately, feel proud of what they can achieve.

This model of engagement has already been proven to work in other NHS Trusts across the country and also with our own here at Bridgewater.

Listening into Action Conversations

We have seen real change brought out including improved clinical outcomes, reduction in waiting times for patients, improved patient procedures for frontline teams, improvements in staff morale, to name a few.

Bridgewater Improving patient flow and reducing waiting times at Leigh Walk-In centre  Freeing up time for more personal, supportive care for patients at Newton Hospital  St Helens Heart Failure Service

Staff are asked three simple questions relating to how improvements can be made. They are then the ones who work together on their ideas and make the changes for themselves. This improves the services we deliver as well as empowering our staff to make positive changes.

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