Staff Equality and Inclusion

Patient Equality
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Staff Equality
and Inclusion

Staff equality and inclusion means being fair and making sure that everyone has the chance to work for us.

This includes making changes or providing extra support for some people so they can be the best they can be at their jobs.

It means having action plans so that we can keep getting better as an employer.

And it also means making sure our staff reflect the communities we serve.

Our Equal Opportunities Policy is our policy to make sure that we are fair to both our patients and our staff.

This page tells you more about what we are doing to be fair to everyone who works for us.

What staff inclusion means to Bridgewater

Workplace equality and inclusion is a vital part of running a successful Trust, and being a fair and supportive employer is very important to Bridgewater.

Workplace equality just makes good business sense. Inclusive employers can utilise the wide range of talents and ideas in the diverse communities served; diverse teams are more innovative in problem solving and developing ideas; and through representing different communities within the workforce differing needs and inequalities can be better understood and addressed.

Most importantly of all is the evidence that good workplace equality and inclusion impacts positively on the patient, with the reverse leading to poor patient experience and outcomes.

We have a legal duty towards ensuring workplace equality, and this is set out in our Equal Opportunities Policy.

Please see our recruitment webpage for more information on working from Bridgewater.

Disability Confident

We are proud to be a part of the Disability Confident scheme, and are recognised as a Disability Confident Employer.

In our commitment to employing and retaining staff with disabilities we will:

  • Actively look to attract and recruit disabled people
  • Provide a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process
  • Offer an interview to all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a vacancy
  • Be flexible when assessing people so disabled job applicants have the best opportunity to demonstrate that they can do the job
  • Proactively offer and make reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process as required
  • Ensure our employees have appropriate disability equality awareness
  • Promote a culture of being Disability Confident
  • Support employees to manage their disabilities
  • Ensure there are no barriers to the development and progression of disabled staff
  • Ensure managers are aware of how they can support staff who are sick or absent from work
  • Value and listen to feedback from disabled staff

Navajo – supporting our LGBTIQ community

The Trust recognises that for some members of the LGBTIQ community lack of awareness and understanding, stereotyping, and homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, has led to inequality and exclusion. Bridgewater is committed to working with our LGBTIQ staff to address the issues that lead to this.

In May 2018 Trust representatives were presented with the Navajo Merseyside and Cheshire Charter Mark at the annual awards ceremony that recognises organisations that demonstrate commitment to improvement and good practice in relation to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBTIQ) patients, communities and staff.

Workforce equality and inclusion reports

There are a number of reports we produce annually that relate to workforce equality and inclusion. These include the WRES, Gender Pay Gap report, Public Sector Equality Duty Annual Report, and EDS2. They can all be viewed on the Trust webpage.

Action plan

in  2019 we published our latest Equality Objectives action plan, this includes actions to improve equality, diversity and inclusion for our staff. The Equality Objectives 2019 – 2022 can be viewed here:

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